4 Steps to Having the Perfect Christmas Every Year

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, and it is wonderful precisely for its traditions. Christmas is a time to come together with your loved ones and celebrate good cheer. At the base of it all – beneath the lights, the decorations, and the presents – it is a time when people are more generous. They are generous with their time, with their belongings, and with their emotions. We want to see our friends and family. We want to spend special time with our loved ones. To have the perfect Christmas that captures the very essence of the “Christmas spirit,” follow these four steps:


  1. Plan, Plan, Plan

If you want to have time to have a perfect Christmas, you’re going to have to think ahead. Christmas shopping is one of the staples of the season that is both a great and terrible tradition. To save money, find the perfect gift, and still have more time to enjoy the Christmas season, shop on sales throughout the year. You will be less stressed, you’ll be able to skip the Christmas shopping crowds, and if everyone in your friendship circle does this, you will all have more time to spend together.

4 Steps to Having the Perfect Christmas Every Year • My Sweet Things

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  1. Set Aside Dates

Everyone has busy lives. Set aside dates ahead of time so that you aren’t working on their schedule. If you plan for a date like this, your loved ones can try to work their schedule around the date. Similarly, it will also let you buy presents or tickets for the best prices. You can make it a truly magical Christmas and buy tickets for the Nutcracker at www.ticketsales.com. Plan, and you’ll increase your chances that everyone will be able to make it.

4 Steps to Having the Perfect Christmas Every Year • My Sweet Things

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  1. Disconnect

When you are with your loved ones, sign off. This is especially important if you don’t see your friend or family member very often. You are, however, more than welcome to take as many photos as you like! Taking photos has been proven to increase memory retention of the night – but only if you take care of taking the photos themselves. All this means is that instead of taking a quick selfie, try to take a well-framed photo of your friend instead. Either way, stay off social media and especially from your work email until the event is over.


  1. Keep Traditions Alive

Christmas is all about tradition. It doesn’t matter if it’s a silly tradition that you started when you were a child, or something that you and your friends started to do a few years ago – keep doing them. Make it a point to do the same things and go to the same places every year so long as the memories were good. If you do something new that was great – do it again next year! On a side note, do you know there are lots of unique traditions all over the world? So why not start your own.

Christmas is, first and foremost, about spending time with your friends and family. Minimize the stress by planning, and focus on the quality time you’ll have with loved ones, and you’ll be sure to have the perfect Christmas this year and every year after.

Do you have any special tips for Christmas? I’d love to hear yours, so you can tell me about them in the comments below.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Christmas is such a special time of the year for everyone, but it always seems so rushed. Buying gifts throughout the year is a great idea. I hate that last minute shopping frenzy that normally happens. It’s chaos

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