5 Reasons Why Healthy Competition Is Good For Kids

Not all parents like the idea of their children being competitive. It brings to mind thoughts of children missing out on their childhood, working too hard, getting stressed out and upset when they lose, and not engaging in teamwork. Although these things can be true when children are pushed too hard, some healthy competition is actually a good thing, and these are the reasons why.

It Teaches Them Life Skills

If a child is shielded from any form of competition throughout their formative years, it is going to come as a shock to them when they enter the adult world and discover that competition is everywhere. They simply won’t be prepared for it, and that can mean they are less successful in terms of their careers, for example.

By ensuring that children are engaged in some form of competition, whether it’s sporting, artistic, dance, or academic when they are younger, they will be far better able to cope with the competitive nature of the real world, and therefore do much better in their work and lives in general.

It Is Fun

When you’re playing a game, for example, and there is a prize for the winner, it gives that game an extra edge which is a lot of fun for a child. This is how the best learning happens because the child is excited and wants to play or compete. If they lose, it’s important to look into what they can do next time to improve their performance.

Whatever happens, never berate a child for not coming first. Doing this will only go to make them stressed out and nervous, and this is where competition becomes a bad thing that can damage a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

It Helps With Teamwork

The world is becoming a much more insular place thanks to social media and online activities. In many cases, we even work from home and may not interact with people from one day to the next. So if there is a chance to work with others towards a common goal, whether that’s during a Minneapolis Escape Room or a soccer match, it’s important to take it. Teamwork is an essential skill that needs to be developed, and competition can help with that.

It Fosters Emotional Control

Competition, when done right, allows children to understand their emotions and develop emotional intelligence under even the most intense and heated of situations. When a child feels that they are in control of their emotions, they are better able to look at challenges and meet them head-on.

It Can Inspire Creativity

When it comes to winning a competition of some kind, it often takes ‘thinking outside the box’ to come up with a way to do it. This kind of lateral thinking is an extremely useful skill to have and can help with a child’s creativity as well as many other aspects of life. If they are able to think differently, they will be much more able to cope with whatever comes their way in life.

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