4 Amazing Tricks That Will Modernize Your Backyard

Hi friends! It’s Friday again, where has this week gone? We’ve had five sunny days in a row, finally! So this means I’m quite overwhelmed with lots of DIY projects to do to make living easier in the new house. I have to confess this rented house is waaaaay beyond comfort level… do you remember “The Money Pit” movie? Ahem, nothing else to be said. Anyway, as you know there is so much talk about modern homes and how you can create one, I will share some options which are also budget friendly.

In most cases, people are not only talking about high tech solutions. Sometimes, we might be referring to modernizing your home so that it is eco-friendly. In this day and age, with so many technological innovations happening each and every day it is real shame not taking advantage of this and creating your own micro-universe.

Here are 4 amazing tips that will modernize your home making it eco-friendly, budget-friendly and self-sustainable.

  1. Water collection systems

Water collection systems are not new. In fact, even our forefathers had certain tricks that allowed them to collect rainwater without ever relying on local water distributor.


Before all this modern technology, there were water barrels. Interesting thing about them is that they are still very popular. All you have to do is get a plastic barrel and position it bellow your roof. When rain comes, all the water will be directed into them so you can later use it for gardening.

Although barrels are quite cheap, there is a much more modern and sophisticated solution. It comes in a form of water tanks and it is great for people who like to think long-term.

Water tanks allow you to collect, filtrate and distribute water throughout your home. This is done with water tank pump. This pump is able to drive water from tank to your pipes and finally, bathroom and kitchen.


  1. Compost

If you think about it, people are really ridiculous when it comes to fertilizers. I learned about this thanks to a close friend who made her own compost bin, and she taught me which waste materials were appropriate for composting.

Via Practically Functional

No matter what kind of plants you like to grow, they need fertilizers from time to time. Being lazy, most people opt for products that are sold in stores. This is a big waste of money (and even time) if you know that the same compost can be product in your backyard.

Any organic byproduct can be used for fertilizer. You as a homeowner have to dedicate part of your backyard for discarding compost. After this organic material is dissolved, it can be used as a great fertilizer for your plants.


  1. Planting trees

Everybody likes trees. In fact, most homeowners have at least one or two trees in their backyard.

Although they seem really nice at the first glance, they are much more than just plain nice. Fruit trees can be a great source of food during the year. They require minimal investment in time and resources and they are able to return fruit throughout the year. However, there is another great benefit to having trees.

Via We Got Real

They purify the air.

In this day and age, when urban areas are highly polluted, even if you live in suburbs you might be feeling the effect of poisonous air. This becomes more common in highly industrialized cities. As a solution, you can plant several trees in your backyard that will purify your local air making sure your family stays healthy.


  1. Using solar panels

When solar panels first appeared they were quite expensive. This made people believe that they are completely out of their reach. Things changed, market changed and nowadays, you can get them for a fairly reasonable price.

If you feel brave enough you can try make your own DIY solar panels. I’m not a tech but this tutorial from Apartment Therapy sounded interesting.

Via Apartment Therapy

Great thing about solar panels is that they are a long-term solution (like water tanks and water pumps) that will save a lot of money for your household in electricity bills.


The world is rapidly changing. We are approaching a day when everyone will have to be responsible for their ecological actions and to do their part so that the planet can survive.

Introduce those changes today and modernize your home. If only I have thought about the water collection earlier this winter with the strong rains we’ve had! Remember to Pin It so you can back to it when you need it 🙂

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  1. Mary-the boondocks blog says:

    What a great post, Pili. We have solar panels on our roof and use them to have hot water year round. In fact, in the summertime, the water is burning hot. At the farm, we have barrels for collecting water too. And recently my father was asking me about how to make a compost in his back yard. So all these ideas are so timely and so necessary if we are to live in harmony with our surroundings.

  2. Michelle says:

    I love these tricks Pili, thank you. We really do need to get closer to nature again and use what she’s given us to create instead of consume. We have a large compost heap at home and it feeds our whole garden all year round with nutrients. All our kitchen waste goes into the heap except for onions and we’ll often find tomatoes growing in between our day lilies and agapanthus. We also invested in a water tank a few months back and the water has kept our garden green through one of the worst droughts South Africa has had in a long time. I just wish I could find a spot for some solar panels. We have a thatch roof so it’s extremely costly to install them. Thanks again, I really enjoyed reading this.

  3. Keri says:

    Pili, These are all great ideas for yards. We’re getting ready to make our garden so I think the rain water barrel would be great for that. I also want to start composting for the garden as well. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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