Five Ways to Unclog a Toilet


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Following our family series of fixing things in the new old house, today I am bringing out a “dark” issue, pun involved…

Do you know there are different ways to unclog a toilet? We didn’t. Until we needed to do it and the only way we knew didn’t work.

I am not going to bore you with the details why it didn’t work but will give you instead five ways to unclog a toilet in case you may need to know some time. I decided not to show our only bathroom yet… we are planing a makeover for it so I hope to share a reveal once it is done.

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I wish ours looked that big and bright, sigh 😉

As a common problem in bathrooms, a clogged toilet is an inconvenience that one ought to avoid. Frustrated family members may find themselves plunging the toilet more often, contemplating whether to call the plumber for help, and gathering the courage to let the outside world know about this embarrassing crisis. You will find affiliate links for your convenience, you can read full disclosure here.

Enough knowledge and proper understanding about how toilets work, however, can spare one an emergency call to the plumber. First, it requires one to pinpoint the problem, since there are several possible causes of toilet clogs. Sometimes, it is the toilet itself. Other times, it goes deeper—it lies in the drainage system.

By determining the specific cause, one can roll up one’s sleeves and do the bothersome job of unclogging the toilet. Here are the five ways to do it I told you before.

Employ the Help of a Plunger

If the problem is the blockage at the bottom of the toilet, then the best way to handle it is to use a plunger. It will even be more effective if one uses the correct type of plunger. The flange and accordion plunger are suitable for toilets.

Make sure that the toilet is half filled with water before lowering the plunger into the drain opening. When you start plunging, ensure that it is swift and with force to put enough pressure down the drain and release the debris obstructing the way.

Look for an Auger

When the plunger fails to work, the auger can provide answers. Also called the plumbing snake, a toilet auger is a common tool used to pull out the obstructions. It has a hand crank to feed the flexible cable and spiral tip into the toilet drain, reaching farther than a plunger can.

Crank the auger into the drain in one direction before cranking it again into another course until it can go on any longer. Tug it back gently, and flush the toilet. Use the plunger again to break up any residue.

Adjust the Flapper

The flapper is the rubber found on the bottom of the tank that lets the water flow down into the toilet and enables the flushing mechanism. It is important for it to open fully because, otherwise, it will not be able to release enough water. That is when you get a weak flush, making the possibility of clogs more common. You can try adjusting the chain that hooks the flapper to the flush handle to address this problem.

Dismantle the Toilet

You have tried the plunger and the auger, and they do not seem to work. In this case, you have to resort to the hardest job that can take hours—disassembling the toilet. First, you have to detach the water supply, and then you pull up the toilet from its mounting ring. From there, you can easily take care of the obstacles in the drain. It is only a matter of resealing the toilet base to the mounting ring after.

Think of a Replacement

Maybe your toilet has maximized its lifespan and it is time to replace it with an updated model. There are toilets. There are also toilet types that are more suitable for locations that are below the sewer lines. A Saniflo toilet, for example, can be installed in bedroom basements without having to overhaul the whole plumbing system. It can also save space and only uses a little amount of water.

A clogged toilet is not the end of the world, although the frustration it brings cannot be denied. To avoid a toilet crisis like this, it is better for you to take necessary measure that can prevent this from happening. One of them is to refrain from throwing anything into the toilet apart from human waste and toilet paper. Things that cannot be broken down by time and water will only create future problems.

It’s a Team Effort

Educating the members of your family about proper waste disposal can also be a great help. Put a garbage can beside the toilet to make it easier for them to find. After all, making this preventive measure succeed requires team effort. Also it prevents rubbish reaching the oceans; I guess we all are conscious that plastic waste kills lots of animals.

5 ways to unclog your toilet · Via

I hope this tips can help you if you have a clogged toilet any time. You can find more house tips in my Pinterest board, there are really good ones!

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    Okay, I really want to ask what happened Pili, LOL. But a blocked toilet is no joke. Fortunately that hasn’t happened to us yet but it’s good to know that there’s more than one way to tackle the problem. We’ve had a few blocked drains and that was pretty yucky so I’m not sure I don’t want to see a blocked toilet. I think I’ll leave that one for the hubby to sort out, I’ll just stand on the side lines and give him advice now that I know there are different ways to do it

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