How to Choose a Family-Friendly Neighborhood for Your Kids

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Since we moved to our new home less than a year ago, I though I could share with you some tips that helped us to decide which would be the best place to look for a house.

Starting or growing a family is a great feeling. It can also be an entertaining, difficult, and rewarding experience. To ensure you’re able to fully enjoy having a family and raising kids, however, it’s important that you ensure they live in a neighborhood that enables them to thrive. This means that you have to consider several factors and do a lot of thinking before moving to a new area. In this light, and in this article, you’ll find a list of ways that you can choose a family-friendly neighborhood for your kids.

Research Schools in Surrounding Areas

One of the first things you should look into before moving to a new neighborhood is the sort of schools that they have in the surrounding areas. Most parents desire their kids to go to the best schools, so it’s important that you do your research. You can try checking online as well as asking around to see what others’ experiences have been. Depending on the level they’re currently at and their ages, you should think about factors such as the school curriculum, how many students are in each class, how they rank nationally, the success of students who leave and how safe and happy students feel there. A school is so important that it could even be a determining factor in the location you choose to stay in. Be sure also to try and visit the school if you can to see it before making your decision. You should also note that if it’s truly a good school, then there may be limited spaces available as well.


See What Extra-Curricular Activities are Nearby

Outside of school, your children will need something to keep them occupied. You could either choose to have them flying paper planes around the house or find extra-curricular activities for them to partake in. There are a number of activities that you can choose from which include sports, gymnastics, dance classes, cooking, and music. You would, therefore, need to look at what activities they have in that neighborhood, and if it’s possible for your child to participate. If you can’t seem to find any extra-curricular activities, you can also consider checking if the schools offer any after-school clubs or if the community perhaps has suitable activities for kids.


Ensure It’s Safe

It can be said that it’s parental instinct to want to keep your child safe. Many parents don’t want to even imagine the devastation they would feel if the slightest thing happened to their child. It is, therefore, important that aside from keeping your home environment safe, that you choose a neighborhood with low crime rates. Firstly, you should never assume that an area is safe because of where it is located. It is, therefore, best that you do your research and check crime rates in that area. There are apps and other online resources that can help you check for the prospective neighborhoods you’re considering. They can tell you things like the safety of an area as well as reported incidents. Other ways you can assess how safe the neighborhood is are asking people, looking for clues such as if many homes are going for sale in that area, and checking if public services seem to be maintaining the area well. It is important that you and your kids feel safe in the neighborhood you choose. If they happen to be teenagers, this is even more critical as they’re likely going to want to be outside with their friends socializing often.


Check if It Has a Sense of Community

One thing you want to ensure a neighborhood you move to has is a sense of community. Knowing that you have friendly neighbors who you can turn to in cases of emergency can give you a feeling of relief. The world today is one where often people are too busy to care about what’s going on in the home next to them. Having said that, you most likely don’t want nosey parkers for neighbors either, but you should be able to find a balance. You should also consider that you may want to make friends with the people in your community and have play dates with their kids, so you should make sure there are many other families in the neighborhood.

You can check for this by looking out for kids playing together in front of homes as well as families taking walks together and actually communicating. If you do find these things and make a decision to move into such a neighborhood, you could look for movers in Atlanta to help you begin the process of moving immediately. Once you truly do find a neighborhood with a sense of community, they’d more than likely be there to welcome you and help you offload as soon as you arrive.


Look out For Playgrounds or Parks

Following on from the last point, children need outlets to get all of that energy out of their system. Did you know that even simple outdoor play such as swinging can provide children with knowledge and experience of cause and effect, as well as give them an understanding of spatial learning? On these premises, what better place for them to swing, jump and run than at a playground or a park? There are going to be days where you need to simply take the kids out to breathe, especially on days where you’re tired of them turning the house upside down. On those days, it will be convenient if you happen to have a park within walking distance that you and the little ones can stroll to.

Choosing the right neighborhood for your family is an important decision for you to make. It is one that requires you to make a well-informed decision based on research, word of mouth and also your instincts. When you finally make a decision, and it happens to be the right choice, it will be one that could help you and your family thrive in coming years.

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