How to Deal with the Stress of Studying for Your Master of Science in Nursing

There are all kinds of stressful things and times you will incur in your lifespan. Stress is a natural part of life that everyone goes through in phases, but just because it’s natural, it doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable or healthy. If you happen to be a student who is deep into your masters of science in nursing program, then there’s a good chance you feel a fair amount of stress. Just the sheer volume of content that you need to learn in order to be successful in your pursuit of a degree can be overwhelming enough.

To add another layer to the stress, nowadays, many students are in fact pursuing their degrees through an online program. Take, for example, the Bradley University online master of science in nursing – family nurse practitioner program. Bradley University is a well-respected institute, so you know you’ve made a great choice, but with an online program, you need to be able to manage your time and be an exceptional independent worker. This can cause a fair amount of stress as you juggle your online studies, your personal life, and even a job on the side.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some simple to use tips that will help you to deal with your stress.

Sleep Needs to be a Top Priority

As a busy student, there’s no doubt that you are pressed for time as you rush to get everything done. Unfortunately, this may result in less sleep than normal or poor-quality sleep. When you’re low on sleep, this can instantly boost your stress level, making everything seem heightened and that much more serious. You want to be sure you create a sleep schedule for yourself, skip the naps, and get a good seven to eight hours each night.

Work On Your Time Management Skills

One big source of stress is a feeling that you’re always in a rush and you don’t have time to finish your tasks and jobs. What can help to ease this feeling is to work on your time management skills. You may benefit from an app or a day planner that will allow you to jot things down and stay on track. This also means putting an end to procrastination since you will now be able to slot everything into a schedule.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

A great stress buster that anyone can benefit from is exercise. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and get an expensive gym membership though. What it means is that you need to find a way to be physically active at least four to five times a week, for a minimum of 30-40 minutes each session. This can include things like biking, walking, jogging, hiking, and swimming.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Food also plays a huge role in a person’s stress level, so making sure you eat a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients will go a long way in fighting stress.

Don’t Ignore the Stress

Just because stress is normal and natural doesn’t mean you should push it aside, ignore it, and just accept that it will be there. Instead, look for ways you can combat it and feel healthier all-around.


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  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    It makes so much sense. I’m going through big stress at the moment and one of the things I’m not doing is exercising, so my mind ends up with clutter on top of clutter inside my head and nothing gets cleared out. Guess I better find those jogging shoes of mine and just breathe 😉

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