How to Organize Your Bills So They’re Easy to Find and Can Be Paid On Time

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This week we finally unpacked everything, yay! There is nothing like moving into a new home to realize how much stuff you have collected over the years. I can’t believe we have so many binders with random papers such old bills, tax reports, appliance manuals and guarantees, and so on. Just in case we move again (you know me 😉 ) we decided to unclutter and keep papers under control. Our priority right now is to organize and have a useful system for our bills.

Paying bills is probably one of our least favorite things to do. But, unfortunately, it’s something all of us have to do and something that can’t be avoided. Ignoring bills can lead to late payment penalties and not being able to prove you paid them when questioned can also lead to issues. This is why it’s a good idea to organize your bills so that you can pay them efficiently and get on with the more fun things in life.

Step 1. Sort Out Your Bills

The first thing you’ll want to do is gather all of your bills so that you have them in one place. Choose somewhere in your home where you can store them easily. This way, every time a bill comes through the mail, you can add it to the pile. It is possible to buy bill organizers, but unless you really want to, there’s nothing wrong with keeping them together on your desk.

This DIY desktop bill organizer would be perfect! I am a visual person and I need all the relevant information right in front of my eyes. If you are not the DIY type, you can buy a bill organizer online.

Via Unoriginal Mom

Step 2: Set a Weekly Schedule

There are a few reasons why setting a weekly payment schedule is a good idea, even if you don’t get paid this regularly.

  • Bills arrive throughout the month and typically the due dates on the bills don’t account for when you are paid.
  • It’s much easier to deal with paperwork weekly than monthly, and it’s much less overwhelming.
  • If something does crop up that means you can’t meet your schedule, you have less likelihood of missing a payment deadline.

Having a weekly schedule doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pay your bills each week. Instead, you can spend the time sorting the bills out so that you know which ones need paying first. You could do this with an Excel spreadsheet, or you could just write the due dates on the bill envelopes. Remember that unless you pay your bills online, you will need to make sure you leave enough time for mailing and processing.

Step 3: If You Pay Online, Keep Records

A lot of people prefer the convenience that comes with paying their bills online. However, it is vital to keep hold of your payment confirmations. You would be surprised how easy it is to miss a digit off of your customer number or similar, so make sure you either print off the payment confirmations and keep them safe or ask for an email confirmation of payment.

Step 4: Comparison Shop (Optional)

While you are paying your bills online, take a bit of time to comparison shop. For example, although you may not be able to change your water company, it’s pretty simple to change your gas and electricity providers. After paying your bills, take a look at the Bloomington IL electricity rates, or the rates in your area, and see if it would benefit you to switch provider.

Step 5: File Your Bills

The last thing you need to do is file your bills and receipts in case you need to access them again. You can invest in a folder or a home filing system for this. We use a filing cabinet I found curbside which I made over to fit into our home decor.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will have an easier time organizing your bills.


  1. Michelle says:

    I’m the worst when it comes to bills. Don’t get me wrong I want to pay them all on time, but I can never remember where I put them to pay them. UGH!! I seriously need to get a bill organizer like that Pili. I love that you can write reminders on the front too. That’s brilliant

  2. Mary says:

    I used to be super organized years ago but have since seriously slacked off. Your tips are really great Pili. I need to get organized!

  3. MELISSA says:

    I like your bill organizer! Unfortunately I don’t think the ‘to be filed’ section is big enough for my bills since the hardest part for me is filing away or dealing with paid bills.

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