How to Rule at Being a Camp Counselor

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Summer break is quite long here, kids finish school last week of June and they get back around the second week of September. That means parents who work have to be creative and figure out ways to keep kids occupied. The most common is sending kids to enjoy a camp experience.

There are many different reasons people become camp counselors. You might have been in Girl Guides as a child, and loved the group and the organization and continued with your involvement into your adulthood. Or, perhaps, your child is an attendee, and you want to be involved, so you volunteer your time. Either way, being a great camp counselor will make the difference for all the children under your care. Following this guide, you can be the best camp counselor you can be, ensuring your child has the best summer, every summer:


Have a Master List of Crafts Everyone Can Do

It doesn’t matter if the camp group is all girls, all boys, or a mix. The crafts that they should be doing should be the same. Have a mixture of traditional arts and crafts projects and more camping specific projects so that your camping group can learn a well-rounded set of skills. This means learning how to make knots, it means learning how to fish, and it means learning how to create things like bird-feeders. By creating a master list of crafts that everyone will enjoy, you and the other camp counselors can figure out what you can afford and what you want to do at every meeting or camp excursion.


Create an Itinerary of Camp-Activities Beforehand

Take the list of activities that you have all agreed on and use it to create a realistic itinerary you can then give to the parents of those in your group. This way the parents can agree on what their children are doing, and the camp counselors can rearrange your itinerary as needed. If all the parents don’t want their child to do a certain activity, then change it to something else. If only a portion doesn’t want their kids to fish, have an alternative activity ready for them on the day. This way everyone can have fun, and the parents can give their full consent.

Get Custom Souvenirs

Most Girl Guides or Scouts groups meet up regularly on a weekly basis and then go on a camping excursion or camp during the summer. This summer camp is the perfect excuse to go all out, as you can prepare for it well in advance. You could get your troop custom drawstring bags, for example, so that they can carry all the necessities like water, snacks, and sunscreen with them while they’re away. Buy these drawstring bags wholesale, and you can have a stash ready to give to new members every summer, and replacements ready to go as needed. That way not only can they have a bag ready to see them through any adventure, but they can also take home their very own drawstring backpack with logo as a souvenir. The same applies to custom bottles, hats, or any other souvenir you can think of. Opt for wholesale and more often than not you will be able to afford it with ease.


The closer your troop is, the better. That is why you need to challenge them and teach them skills that will help them bond and learn more about the world around them. Add in a few custom souvenirs, and they can feel part of a group, further bringing them together and improving their teamwork as a whole. You can do all of this and more as a camp counselor; you just have to start planning now.

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