Little Upgrades to Your Home That Make Life a Little Sweeter

You have moved in and are comfortable in your new home. But maybe there are still a few things that you can do to add some comforts or time savers. Making life better when you’re home from work after a long day is worth it because it allows you to recover from the day’s activities sooner.

Here are a few little upgrades that make a difference. I added some affiliate links for your convenience, you can read my disclosure here.

Improve the Lighting

Lighting in older homes tends to be dim and uninspiring. While low-level lighting is nice in the evening when your eyes are tired, it’s not so wonderful on the weekends when you’ve slept in and you want to hang out in your home and feel alive. A lack of effective lighting makes you feel lethargic, which isn’t helpful, especially when you have young active kids at home that require your full attention all day!

LED or halogen lights are possibly the brightest ones to get, but you should also consider being able to dim the lighting in rooms where that’s preferable late in the evening if you or someone in your family is a bit of a night owl.

Sink Garbage Disposal Unit

When you have a large family and you’re tired of dealing with all the food waste that’s left after preparing a meal and cleaning off the remains once everyone has finished eating, then you know something must change. An under-sink garbage disposal unit reviewed over at is a good solution because it can chew through plenty of food waste in record time and requires little maintenance after it does so. There are plenty of good brands to choose from and models with different amounts of horsepower, depending on how much raw grinding power you think you need.



Getting a juicer makes life easier because buying pre-made juices gets expensive quickly. With your own juicer, you can concoct whatever fruit and veggie blends you like. You’re no longer restricted to what sells at the local supermarket or at the juice store. There are famous juicers that don’t take up much countertop space and are easy to put away in an overhead cupboard between uses if your kitchen is smaller than you’d like. Just make sure you’re using an excellent juicing recipe book to inspire you with what you can put together to make an invigorating drink.

Sheepskin Rugs for Tired Feet

Laying down a sheepskin rug in either the lounge or bedroom is a touch of luxury that you don’t know you wanted until you’ve got it. The softness hits you right away, especially when you’re going barefoot getting out of bed on cold mornings. It’s a pleasant warmth that contrasts nicely with cold wooden flooring. Alternatively, having a sheepskin rug in the family room is a pleasant way to relax tired feet when a foot massage is not on the table from your partner.

Making a few upgrades to your home brings some conveniences that make life sweeter. It helps to either add some comforts or remove an extra chore that you no longer have to deal with. Either way, it’s hard to say no.


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  1. Mary says:

    I can definitely use anything that makes my life a little sweeter Pili. We painted the walls and already it has made a huge difference and is more pleasing to the eye. And with the right lighting the house will be calming and restful.

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