Service Providers You’ll Need to Call on Once You’ve Moved

Packing your things and unloading them at your new house is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tasks that need to be handled for a successful move. Not only must you make sure that your things are safe and arrive in a timely fashion, but you must make sure that your new home is safe, comfortable, and set up in a way that caters to your household needs. If you haven’t done so already, below are a few professionals you’ll need to call on to get your new place up and running just in case you don’t want to do it yourself.


The roof is one of the parts of the home that tend to warrant the behavior out of sight, out of mind. Be that as it may, it is a critical part of your home’s structure and should be taken care of right away. Have the roofers come out to inspect the integrity of the roof, repair any issues, and to clean the gutters. This way, you can be sure the roof doesn’t cave in on you or start flooding on your belongings.


If you’ve moved into an older home, then you may need to have the electrical system checked and updated. Search around the home to see if there are enough electrical outlets and power to sustain the number of electronics you’ll be using. If necessary, it’s a lot easier to have lines rewired and upgraded before you’ve unpacked everything.

Pest Control

It may not be apparent now but infestations and unwanted pests in the home are very common. They have a tendency to hide in hard to see places until you’ve unpacked, and then begin creating a home in your belongings. Experts like Moxie, a Dallas pest control company, offer residential services that include safe practices for getting rid of things like termites, mice, roaches, spiders, and more. A quick spray around the entire interior and exterior of the home will ensure that the pests know they’re not invited.


Your plumbing is one of the most commonly used systems in your home. To make sure that everything is running appropriately, it is recommended that you have a plumber come out to service your new home. They can check for leaks, blockages, septic and sewage problems, and other things that could impact your home.


Thinking of giving your new place a makeover? Well, before you unpack all of those boxes and bags, you should contact professional painters first. Trained to execute interior and exterior paint jobs with ease, professional painters can help you to get every room the color you’d desire. This is a lot easier than trying to paint when furniture and things are in the way. But if you are quite handy you may want to do it yourself; with the right equipment it’s easy as you can see in my kitchen makeover.

Home Improvement Contractors

Are you thinking of having something done to your new home? If you can, try to schedule any home improvement jobs – especially those that could be an inconvenience for your families like the kitchen or bathroom before your moving day. This way, when you arrive with your things, you’re ready to store them in a newly designed room instead of having to move things later on.

Home Entertainment Services

Last, but certainly not least on your list of service providers to call is the cable, phone, and internet company. As most households can’t do without one of the three services, it is recommended that you have all devices installed before or the day of your move. As contractors sometimes need to gain access to otherwise hard to reach spaces, doing it early on will ensure they can set everything up without having to disrupt the layout of your personal belongings.

Once you’ve found the perfect house to buy, planning the move is the next step. Though you may have considered things like packing, hiring movers, and enlisting volunteers to help with unloading, there’s a lot more that needs to be done to ensure your family is safe and comfortable. Start looking for local service providers today in each of the above-mentioned categories and setting up appointments before or on the day of your move. This will reduce the amount of work you have to do to prepare, and ensure that you and your loved ones are unpacking your things in a safe and decent residence. I also shared some tips on how to save money and declutter when moving that I hope you can find helpful.

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