Tips On Buying Designer Children’s Clothes

Besides that shopping for children is of course great fun, you can easily get entangled in the large selection of designer clothes available. When you buy kids clothes, you can save a lot of money by buying things on sale, in special outlets or shopping clubs. You will find that with the following tips, shopping for designer kids clothes is much easier.


Know Your Brands

Certain brands always come back in the children’s wardrobes year after year. You may not purposefully shop for these children’s brands, but the fact that they keep returning means they may be best suited for your child. Knowing which brands are suitable means you do not have to look at all the sale items, but you can only select your favorite brands.

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Measure Your Child

Designer baby clothes can be pricey, meaning you do not want to buy the wrong size. Children are continuously growing, so check what size clothing your child might be. What you bought at the beginning of the season can now be almost too small. As soon as you know all the sizes well, you can also better estimate which sizes you can buy for the coming autumn/winter season.


Make A Wishlist

Do not run like crazy through shops or scroll through e-commerce stores. Make a wishlist in advance. What do you need? Collect all your favorite items on a Pinterest board so you can see exactly which things you want to purchase. This way, you will have an overview of which clothes you want to buy the most, once they have been discounted. Collect only the items that you really want to buy. Otherwise, you will make yourself very difficult later.


Wait For The Sales

Patience is a virtue. It’s normal for many of us to be tempted to purchase clothes at the start of the season because we are tempted with all kinds of beautiful new prints and fresh looks. However, bear in mind that seasonal sales are coming increasingly earlier nowadays. This way you will be able to shop successfully, and will be rewarded with discounts and happy you saved 30% off the original price! If you can keep up with the wait even longer, you might even save yourself a lot more, but you run the risk of that favourite garment being sold out. If you succeed, however, you can sometimes get up to 60% discount. How cool is that?


Shop Online

Shopping in the street or department store can be great, but shopping with children in overcrowded stores can be stressful. This is why online shopping is ideal! Just at ease behind the laptop with a cup of tea, you can browse through various online stores and calmly find out what you want.

Also, the great thing about the internet is that you do not spend a lot of time looking for the right size, and if the purchased garment is not the right size, you can return the item for free on most sites. You can also keep an eye on the offers via the internet. Often you can follow a product or add it to a wish list. As soon as it is discounted, you will receive a notification.

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Shop For Basics

Avoid unworn clothing and shop for basics such as shirts, leggings, jeans, underwear, which are all essential. Take a good look at your kid’s wardrobe and see what else can be added. Timeless, high-quality items always come in handy. Even more ideal is if you can now buy basics with a discount, which you would buy later on the sale.


Shop Tactfully

This can be tricky. Children can get a growth spurt, so you run the risk that the purchased items will no longer fit well next year. But, experience shows that you can appreciate this. If your child has been following an average growth line in recent years, chances are that this coming year will be the same.

What you can also do is look for products that can also be worn very well in spring, such as jeans, short-sleeved dresses, leggings, jackets and the like! Shoes are a bit trickier, the growth of feet is less predictable. So do not buy too many, only if they can use an extra pair for now.


Subscribe To Newsletters

Register yourself on the newsletters of your favorite brands. So you are always the first to be informed of the latest offers and you can already sniff forward when the sale starts. So you never miss it!



To keep up to date with the right offers, you can also look at special discount websites where you can find all the sales and promotions on one page.


Buy Used

Some people find it a crazy or dirty idea to buy second-hand designer clothing. Rest assured, that is not true! You can enjoy shopping in second-hand stores where all clothes are neatly washed and ironed for sale. Without spots or holes, just like new. It saves a lot of money and you can score perfect jewels from old seasons. Your kids will not feel any sort of way when it is second-hand.


Combine The Basics

Combine your child’s designer clothes with cheaper basics. When you put your little one on a set, you try to make a combination between a brand item and a brandless item. There are plenty of shops where you can score excellent children’s clothing for small prices. By combining that nice sweater with a cheaper outfit, the total picture is still within your budget and you still have a hip outfit from that is an eye-catcher!

Try to spend little money on the basic pieces such as leggings, leotards, plain long sleeves and so on, so that you have some more money left for some striking items such as beautiful shoes, a nice jacket, a nice dress, etc.

In colder months stock up on cardigans. If you have many cardigans, your child can wear shirts with short sleeves for much longer. This applies not only to winter but also to spring and autumn. Then you can use the vest as extra warmth in the morning or evening. If it gets too hot, the vest can be easily removed.

I hope you find all these tips helpful, thanks so much for stopping by!



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