Trending Outdoor Kitchens For The Ultimate Summer Party Experience

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We are enjoying finally wonderful weather here so I guess I can say summer is already here for us. I don’t want to say it too loud just in case but I’m almost sure there won’t be any unpleasant surprise. Sorry for all rain and cold lovers 😉

There is nothing quite like the anticipation of summer parties after a long, cold and wet winter. And, there really is no better addition to your parties than outdoor kitchens located poolside or built as an extension of your patio, you may remember my post about extending your kitchen outdoors. This year there are some really cool ideas trending for outdoor kitchens and you’d be surprised at what those trends are!

Stainless Steel Is Trending in 2017

Typically, your barbecue grill is either matte black or stainless steel, but this year, stainless steel goes beyond the grill. Homeowners are having custom outdoor kitchens designed for them with stainless steel as the focal point. Everything is done in stainless from the grill to the outdoor sink and even the cutting table that connects the two. While some homeowners have the enclosing half-walls done in brick, this doesn’t detract from the shine of stainless that gives your outdoor kitchen the perfect blend of a professional workspace and a homely area where friends and family gather on those warm summer days.

Trending Outdoor Kitchens For The Ultimate Summer Party Experience

Via Designing Idea

An Outdoor Kitchen as a Transitional Room

Another outdoor kitchen idea that is trending this year is to have one built as an extension of the home. Typically, only two walls need to be added as the one side remains open to the air, and usually facing the pool or garden area. The benefit of a pool as a transition room that is more or less like an addition to your structure is that you are actually adding living space to your home, even with one wall open to the outdoors. You are increasing your floor space by that much more and you can even entertain on rainy summer days because you will be enclosed to a great degree. Some of these transitional kitchens are designed with a half wall facing the outdoor area so that a bamboo curtain can be dropped on extremely inclement days.

Trending Outdoor Kitchens For The Ultimate Summer Party Experience

Via Thomsom Custom Homes

Poolside Patio/Kitchen Combo

The other type of outdoor kitchen which is trending still in 2017 is the iconic patio/poolside kitchen that literally adjoins the poolside area. This type of outdoor kitchen isn’t enclosed by any walls and may not even have a roof overhead, but typically a roof is a good addition because it keeps the sun from beating on you while you barbecue and also the rain off your hamburger buns waiting to be loaded with juicy burgers and all the fixings. If your pool area is anywhere near trees in the garden, you’ll certainly want a roof and perhaps a screened enclosure to keep the bulk of leaves and pollen on the outside.

Trending Outdoor Kitchens For The Ultimate Summer Party Experience

Via Damianprat

Of all the types of outdoor kitchens that are trending in 2017, the transitional room is probably one of the trendiest simply because of the ease at which water can be connected from the central home. It’s no fun (and maybe a bit costly!) to have water pipes run to any area a bit removed from your central plumbing, but even so, if you’re going to host the ultimate summer parties in 2017, you won’t mind a bit of inconvenience. The pleasure you’ll derive when your kitchen is complete will be well worth the wait and a few extra dollars with those customizations you can’t live without. As the old saying goes, this summer “Eat, drink and be merry!”

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  1. Zenda says:

    Great inspiration, Pili! We created an outdoor room when we built our new home last year and have used it a lot, even in cooler weather. We put in an outdoor fireplace and our daughter got us an outdoor heater. Our space is covered and sheltered so is really nice to use year round for relaxing and entertaining.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m so happy summer has arrived Pili, it was a long cold Winter for you guys. We’ve been wanting to create an outdoor kitchen for a while now and I must say looking at all the beautiful ones you share just makes me even more keen do something as soon as possible. We already have a patio right by our pool so it’s just a question of adding a few bits and pieces and connecting some water. Hope you have a happy week and good luck with the move

  3. Keri says:

    Pili, the outdoor kitchen ideas are amazing! Wouldn’t that be wonderful to have such a place to entertain friends and family, thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas!

  4. Mary says:

    If only I could have a space like this It is so necessary when you live in a hot climate. had the balcony but it gets so hot a transitional room would be prefect!

  5. Hannan Ahmad says:

    An open air kitchen can be a fabulous addition to your house. It will not only change your house’s look as well increase the value of property. This trend is becoming popular and the thing is more and more people are thinking to go with this trend. It is gaining popularity especially because of BBQ summer parties. However it can be used for home purposes too in summertime.

    • Pili says:

      We have wonderful weather most of the year so an outdoor kitchen can be used all year round. We love to be outdoors while sharing time with friends and family.

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