Bench with storage

When I started redoing furniture, I went to a flea market close to me to have a look. I found a cute little bench with storage… black. It was a bargain so I decided to buy it and transform it. I don’t have any before pictures sorry, but as I said it was black and it needed some upholstering.

I started painting it white, and used an old sheet to make my first transfer using thinner. I really don’t like too much this method as I think it’s quite tedious; you have to print the image, tape it to the fabric and apply thiner to the paper while pressing with the back of a spoon. It took me twice to get the image transferred to the fabric. (Update: There is a faster method with better results for transferring on fabric, you can check the tutorial)

Then I just upholstered the top and screwed it in place.

IMG_2823 copy IMG_2822 copy Banqueta copy

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