How To Decorate Your Retirement Home

Moving into a retirement home or an assisted living facility doesn’t have to be a worrying, scary time. It can be a wonderful, exciting time, full of new opportunities for the next stage of your life – opportunities you can enjoy safely in the company of like-minded people. Although some facilities don’t allow for decoration and changes within the property, others certainly will, allowing you to choose your own design and décor. If that’s the case with where you are living, here are some useful ideas to help you get started when it comes to putting your own stamp on things.


Make It Peaceful

Once you decide it’s time to change things around and move to a facility that offers safe and secure assisted living in Bridgeton, that might not be the last of your decision-making. You’ll have a room or even an entire apartment or bungalow to yourself, and it’s time to make it yours. The best option, if you’re not sure where to start, is to make it neutral so that it’s relaxing and peaceful, which is just right for retirement.

A neutral color palette will have plenty of grays, beiges, creams, and whites in it, and these colors are known to be soothing. What’s even better is that once you have a neutral background, you can easily add pops of color, thanks to your accessories, such as rugs, cushions, art, and personal items. This will bring some more vibrancy to the home without taking away the neutral and calming aspect.

Comfortable Furniture

If there was ever a time to choose comfort over and above anything else, it’s when you are older and have moved to an assisted living facility. When we age, our bodies get less flexible, meaning that our furniture has to accommodate our aches and pains a little more easily. This is where comfortable furniture comes in. Opt for plush sofas, oversized armchairs, and supportive recliners that will really hold you safely and comfortably when you want to relax.

To make things even better and to enhance the color scheme, you can add some soft throws and cushions to this furniture and make it as comfortable as possible, depending on your own personal preferences.


Display Treasured Memories

Retirement and older age is the perfect time to surround yourself with your special, cherished memories gathered from throughout your life. Everyone picks up little bits and bobs as they move through life, and whether it’s something you were given as a child, something your own child made at school, a souvenir from a trip, or anything else, you should certainly have them on display. You can use shelves and cabinets, or even build a special display case that fits everything exactly – it depends on the space you have and what you prefer, but the key is to have everything on show.

Not only do these things make ideal conversation starters when you’re meeting new people, but they’re comforting, too – the more special memories you have around you, the more you can enjoy thinking about them, and that’s a great way to feel good and positive.

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