5 Ideas for Decorating Your Assisted Living Accommodation in St. George

When you move into assisted living after being in your own home for so long, it can feel like a massive shift. You go from being surrounded by home comforts to bland surroundings that are in desperate need of personalization. The good news is, with a few tweaks here and there, you can have it how you want it in no time at all. These five ideas will make it a fun process and help you get settled before you know it.

Pick the Best Space to Mold

The big thing to think about when picking an option for senior living in St. George is that it must fit in with what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Go and see the reputable options and get a sense of what’s out there so you can understand what you will be able to do and how well you might settle in. It is impossible to make a decorating plan if you haven’t been inside a room or living area, after all, so book some viewings.

Small Touches Make a Big Difference

Just because you don’t own the property anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t make it warm and cozy. Think about how small touches can make a difference like LED candles and reed diffusers because these are the things that will create a nicer environment in general. You can also embrace little touches like wicker baskets and handy boxes to help things stay organized as well.

Bring All of Your Favorite Wall Hangings

There are plenty of ways to hang a picture without hammering a hole into the wall, and this is why you should bring all of your favorite pictures with you for the journey. One of the nicest parts about living at your own property is that you can hang your loved ones’ faces in print all over, but you don’t have to compromise on this just because you will be leasing instead. No-nails hanging products are inexpensive and more convenient and they are a great way to display your photos just how you like it and boost your mental health.

Buy Some New Bedding

You will be getting a whole new bed, so why not complement the setup with a brand-new set of luxury bedding as well? It is amazing what fresh linen in a brand new package can do for your mental health and quality of sleep, and getting enough shuteye is an essential thing for seniors. Tailor it to your favorite color scheme and make it one of your more extravagant purchases because you deserve luxury and to feel comfortable in this new environment, and this is an easy way to make it happen.


Bring Some Furniture from Home

If you want to really feel settled, make space for a few items that you love from back home. Though your house may have found new owners, your furniture doesn’t have to!

Decorating your assisted living accommodation can be equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. You are bound to wonder if you will be able to adjust to this major change, but with the right décor and mindset, it will happen sooner than you think.

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