7 Tips to Navigate the Stress of Moving Houses

Unarguably, moving houses is a common occurrence. Many people relocate numerous times within their town, city, or country. Some even make cross-country moves.

According to U.S Census data, in 2021, roughly 8.4% of Americans relocated. In addition, Florida won the top spot, gaining more population – around 220,890 people moved to the state. Statistics show that the estimated population of Miami City, Florida, was 449,514 in July 2022. Despite this, some Miami residents are leaving the city, primarily because of intolerable heat and high living costs, 21% higher than the national average.

And while moving is common, it doesn’t get better or less stressful. It’s also among the most stressful events we experience, and for all the understandable reasons. These include adjusting to a new lifestyle, financial pressure, physical strain, etc.  All of these can dissipate the excitement of moving to a new home.

However, moving home doesn’t have to be a stressful process. To make moving easier, follow these tips to navigate the stress of moving houses.


  1. Let Professionals Tackle Your Move

Of course, the safety of your belongings should be the last thing concerning you when moving to a new home. Even when you think the move is straightforward, there still is a risk of items sustaining damage. Therefore, if your budget allows you, let professionals alleviate stress from your shoulders.

It’s a wise decision, in particular when you’re moving internationally. Since every country has its laws and logistical challenges, moving internationally is more complex. So, contact reputable and experienced international movers in your city. For instance, if you’re moving from Miami, approach Miami international movers & experts to ensure a stress-free moving process. These professionals are knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of the relocation process, such as packing, labeling, storage solutions, etc.

If you are looking for the highest levels of service, white glove movers may be your solution, especially for items like antiques, art, pianos and wine collections, among others.



  1. Create A Comprehensive To-Do List

Although not everyone likes to put together a to-do list, they are valuable when dealing with the stress and anxiety of moving. So, create a comprehensive list covering the overarching goals of this multifaceted process. Listing each task bullet by bullet will give you a sense of control and help you stay on track – both can significantly reduce stress.

However, this moving checklist shouldn’t only include decluttering and hiring professional movers. Instead, jot down everything from start to finish – from packing and labeling boxes to sorting out utilities and redirecting your bills and posts. Once you complete each task, tick them off the list to gain a sense of accomplishment.


  1. Stay Organized

Relocation comes with a series of tasks, so this tip is an absolute must. Staying organized will help you avoid getting caught off guard and maintain your sanity.

It entails starting the process as soon as possible. You can allocate ample time to get ready for the move. Moreover, staying organized means organizing your belongings before you even pack them. So, sort your belongings and clear out the clutter. That way, you will lighten the load you need to transport and save yourself from hassle.


  1. Pack An Essentials Bag

Numerous things can become a source of stress on the actual moving day, for instance, struggling to find a specific item and having no idea where you have tucked it in the boxes. To avoid such situations, organize the essentials and pack them in an overnight box or bag.

Ensure to put all the necessities you may need on the first night of your arrival at your new home. It may include important documents, toiletries, favorite sweets and snacks, and comfort items. If you or any loved one is on medication, you may need to pack the medicines in the overnight bag.


  1. Don’t Shy From Seeking Support

No matter how much solitude you enjoy, it’s no secret that you can’t tackle the moving process alone. So, don’t be afraid to lean on your support system.

Let your friends, family, and colleagues know that you are moving. Undoubtedly, they will happily lend you a hand and help you in the moving process. Getting their assistance will make everything more manageable. The extra set of hands can help you in your packing, moving heavy furniture, and unpacking. Even if they can’t help you with these chores, they can help you prepare meals or babysit your kids/pets.

However, don’t forget to thank your family members or friends who assisted you in moving. Also, if possible, return their favor when the right time comes.


  1. Be Aware Of Your Mindset

There is no denying that the moving process is overwhelming and stressful. And it can adversely affect your mental and physical health. That said, your mind can play a significant role in mitigating your stress. It’s best to approach the situation positively rather than lingering on negative aspects. Concentrating on the positives can soothe your mind and make you more productive.

In other words, focusing on positives such as meeting new people, exploring new places, and starting a fresh life will help you settle more easily and calm your nerves.


  1. Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Your Body

Lastly, don’t get surprised if you feel a higher level of fatigue and anxiety than normal days. It’s typical for people to feel this way during the relocation process. Therefore, prioritizing self-care is crucial. Put this way, while having a positive mindset will help us avoid getting caught up in problems and setbacks, we also need to recognize our bodies need rest and care.

So, whatever comes under your definition of self-care, be sure to prioritize it. It can include getting eight hours of good-quality sleep and eating a healthy diet. Or perhaps, taking a break by going out on a walk and meeting with your loved ones is how you take care of your body and mind.



It can be tremendously exciting to relocate. After all, it will open the world of new and fresh experiences and even promote healthy self-growth. However, unfortunately, the relocation process is no walk in the park. It comes with its own set of challenges. It doesn’t matter if you plan to move short or long distances; it is stressful. But you can leverage some smart tips to manage moving stress and anxiety.

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