Deck Decor Ideas on a Budget

If you’ve recently had a deck installed, you likely want to start using it as soon as possible. Although your budget may have all been blown on the installation, leaving little over for decorating your outdoor area, it is perfectly possible to add some finishing touches at a low cost. We show you how to get your deck ready for use quickly and cost-effectively.


The planning process starts with asking the right questions.

How will the area be used? Perhaps you are a couple who wants to entertain friends. Or you may be the parents of young children who want an outdoor area for family time. If you have older children, it will give them an area to socialize at home under your watchful eye.

How much is your budget? You can repurpose many items you already have in the home if you have limited funds to spare. Some ideas may require DIY, and you must determine if you are suited to that.

Thirdly, do you have a specific look in mind, such as rustic or modern? Then, limit your purchases to items that fit the style.

Lastly, do you have a color scheme in mind? For example, you may want your deck to be an extension of your home.


You may be able to repurpose existing outdoor furniture. Breathe new life into old seating with spray paint. Make sure items are clean and in good repair before you start or get them ready for painting. Thrift shops and yard sales are another option for finding suitable chairs and tables. If you look around, you can find an old tree trunk suitable for conversion to a table. This can be left bare, varnished, or decorated with beads or glass.

Outdoor furniture

New Cushions with Old Fabric

Outdoor fabric can uplift seat cushions. If the existing ones are faded or no longer fit your chosen color scheme, you will want to inject a fresh look into them. Provided you can sew or have someone who can do it for you, this is not a big task. Even colorful dishtowels can be used to cover scatter cushions quite easily. You can even use beach towels or bath towels on big cushions to create a cheerful effect. This is useful if you have a swimming pool.

Cushions with old fabric

Ideas for Deck Lighting

When the weather is pleasant, you are bound to want to spend time outdoors on your deck. This means that you need to install lighting. If you can get a brass fixture for next to nothing from a thrift lighting store, you can turn it into a chandelier with cheap bulbs. String lighting is easy to put up.

Outdoor lighting

Planning Deck and Décor Together

If you are still in the planning phase of having a deck installed and adding the right décor, take time to think about the materials you will use. For example, if you have wood and a contrasting material, you should keep the décor simple so that color does not overwhelm texture. Choose your color scheme carefully to create the right mood before settling on deck-building materials. Share your vision with your deck builders in Belleville, IL so that they can advise you correctly. Work out a budget for the deck and the décor upfront so that you can see where you can save yourself some money for other items to give you the look that you want.

With a bit of careful planning, you can have the deck you desire without breaking the bank.

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