Five Simple DIY Projects to Try Right Away

DIY can be one of the most rewarding parts of life. Nonetheless, as so many of us don’t think of ourselves as DIY experts, we can be reticent to start new projects. That’s why it makes sense to start with something simple before trying more challenging builds. To help you get started, this guide has been created in order to outline five simple DIY projects that you can get cracking on without much experience needed at all. Read on now for five easy ideas.


Decorate Plain Mugs

All you need for this project is a plain mug and then either some paint or a simple sharpie pen. Think of a cool design that you would like to see on the mug, and then simply draw it on the mug. In no time at all, you will have a personalized mug that can show off who you are within ten minutes of starting the project!


Use Wooden Pallets to Create a Couch

When people think of buying a couch, they might be put off by the price that it costs in order to actually buy one from a department store. A clever solution is to simply purchase or find some wooden pallets and then add cushions on top. All you have to do is purchase the cushions, make sure they fit nicely on the pallet, and then, all of a sudden, you have a comfy workable couch. This project might cost you some money to buy the pallets. If you want to accomplish your goals sooner rather than later, there is a range of personal loans, like the ones available at OneMain Financial, suitable for making your goals a reality, be that for buying a new couch or making your own.


Turn Mirrors Into a Usable Chalkboard

If you have a mirror lying around that isn’t worth much, perhaps it makes sense to paint the frame, then cover the glass with a chalkboard. In just a few minutes, you will have somewhere to write on to remind yourself of any pressing projects, that works better than any computer for processing and sharing information. It’s also perfect if you are working at home like so many people at the moment. If the mirror breaks, you can replace it with wood and then paint it with chalkboard paint as I did.

Chalkboard out of a mirror · Via


Glue Corks Together into New Objects

If you have collected corks from used wine bottles, it’s easy to glue them together into new objects. For example, you can easily create a free-standing coaster or insert them into a frame to create a cool bulletin board that you can pin postcards to! The trick with this project, like the others, is to find objects that you already have and figure out ways to recycle them into new concepts, which is better for the environment in the process. Or you can make a cork heart as a give to someone you love

DIY cork heart · Via


Fill Jars or Bottles with Fairy Lights

Create your own lamp at home in just a few moments by inserting fairy lights into a jar or bottle. As they are battery-powered most of the time, this means that you will have a new and pretty lamp that will light up any room that you choose. Try and find a bottle of champagne or something similar in order to really bring out the light!

Fairy lights jar · Via

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