How Can You Make a Garden Feel Serene?

Hey friends!

The year 2020 has been a year of changes, in all aspects! One of the good ones is that we finally moved to a country house, where we have a lot of space to grow our own food and even try to have a garden.

Nature inspires us; it connects us. We are linked intrinsically, but unfortunately, our modern way of living often breaks that connection. To reset, we all need to spend more time connected to nature. Walking barefoot on the dirt and grass, to enjoy the sounds, scents, and sights of flora and fauna. Public nature spaces are so important, but if you have your own garden you too can make your very own oasis.

I had a black thumb always but little by little I am learning to take care of the plants, and most of them start from seeds so I am working on my patience too. It is still ‘in progress’ but I am so proud of it! 

Making your garden feel serene will depend on the size and your own personal preferences. So as long as you use this guide, you can customize and craft a stunning garden that is wonderfully serene and beautiful:

Think About the Soundscape

The soundscape of a garden is critical. You do not want to see beauty, yet hear the traffic outside; no, you want to hear the sounds of nature. These are the sounds that make the biggest difference and add the most serenity.

The concept of ASMR is that there are sounds that just hit us differently. They help us relax and can even put us to sleep in just a few moments. Some may even enjoy a physical reaction, like shivers all along their body.

The fact that sounds soothe us is not new, however, so you should not forget the soundscape when it comes to your garden. There are many ways to add soundscape. You could add a bird feeder or birdhouse to bring in more local birds. You can also add bee hotels or plant wildflowers to bring more insects into your garden. The best soundscape you can add, however, is that of moving water. A pond, waterfall, or other water feature can be excellent ways to really elevate the soundscape of your space.

Make Maintenance Easy

A beautiful garden can help you relax, but if you are always stressing about the chores and tasks that your garden needs doing, then you are not going to be able to get the most out of the space. That is why you need to choose easy to care for plants and other solutions to make maintenance easy. For example, you can make your pond maintenance easier with the right pond filtration solution. You can even set up an irrigation system in your garden or choose hardier plants that require less hands-on care.

Make it Comfortable to Spend Long Hours Outside

Finally, you are going to want to make it comfortable to be outside. As great as sitting on the grass once in a while can be, it is not going to be comfortable for long hours. That is why choosing the right furniture is just as important as the plants or soundscape you install.

Invest in (or create yourself) furniture that makes it comfortable to lounge, and do not forget about shade. Though it may seem counterintuitive when your main goal is to soak up sunshine, having shade and other means to keep yourself cool will make it easier and more comfortable to spend entire days outside.




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