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Hi friends!

My sister in law recently set up a company for weddings and all kind of events, and she said she would love if I could help her eventually. It’s high season here right now regarding weddings, so I thought I could make some research to be able to offer unique things.

When something is en Vogue, it is in style. It is cutting edge. To have a truly fashionable wedding, you need to toe the line of trends and tradition. The last thing you want is the fad that turned out to be nothing more than that, a fad. When you follow an unwise fad, you end up regretting the decision later. The key to avoiding these follies is to recognize which trends are tacky, and which add a refreshing twist to the tradition. To have a wedding that belongs in Vogue, there are a few dos and don’ts for 2017.


Trends to Avoid

The Rustic-Boho Theme

This theme has been done over and over again. Not that it isn’t a good theme, teepees, dream catchers, feathers, and arrows are lovely, but we should use these elements if they are truly representative of who the client is as a person. A side tip to this one is to avoid themes that don’t match the venue you have chosen. Cohesion is just as important as good decorating!


Flower Crowns

These were cute, but they’ve lost their charm. Flower crowns are now nothing more than a sign that you can’t get with the times. Cut them out of your wedding day!


Avoid Copy-Pasting Pinterest

One of the biggest blunders, no matter the season, is to have a “Pinterest” wedding. This means that you have copy-pasted what you have seen, rather than added personal touches. You don’t want to have a wedding that someone else has dreamed up. Stick to inspiration only. Directly copying the weddings on Pinterest is a great way to have it be impersonal.


Trends to Follow

Modest Wedding Dresses

When wedding trends come up, people most often think of dresses. The rising trend this year is more chaste dresses. From bridal designers to red-carpet looks, sheer, bows,  is in and it’s beautiful! We are loving all the sexy femininity this brings to a dress without being too revealing at the same time


Wedding trends 2017 · Dresses · Via

Via Martha Stewart

Unique Wedding Venues

One of the most fun trends of 2017 is the growing interest in unique wedding venues. The point is to give your guests a complete and immersive experience. Throwing a truly fantastic and memorable wedding isn’t just for those with thousands of pounds to spare. There are several wedding deals available so you can have a beautiful, unique venue that suits you and the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Wedding trends 2017 · Wedding venues · Via

Via Hotel Albuquerque

Color Splash

The all-white look at a wedding (or neutrals) is classic, however, to make your wedding fresh try to add a splash of colour to the pallet. Pantone has declared Greenery to be its colour of the year, if you want some inspiration. One of our friends owns a lovely rural hotel in the countryside named Sant Blai and it is perfect for weddings.


Night Ceremonies

By having a ceremony during a sunset, the reception and party afterward will be illuminated by your choice of lighting. Candles are great, as they are utterly romantic. Not only do they make perfect mood lighting, but they can also be used as centerpieces alongside flowers.

Wedding trends 2017 · Night wedding ideas · Via

Via Web

A happy customer asked me once for some custom wedding candles, and she told me the couple loved them. Then she asked me for some more for another wedding, a big one with a special saying for the bride, and two little ones with the name of the couple. She was really kind to send me the picture of them lit at night.

Wedding trends 2017 · Night wedding ideas with candles · Via

Wedding trends offer new ideas to brides to take for their own. Rather than copy someone else’s idea, is better to take wedding trends as inspiration to add to your own dream wedding.

I hope to be helpful enough to my sister in law and her new adventure and I wish her lot of success. Bear with me, I will keep you updated with news regarding these events.

Enjoy the week!



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  1. Michelle says:

    I must admit I’m a little sad to see the rustic boho trend is disappearing, but that’s just my gypsy soul and I definitely don’t planning on getting married again anytime soon 😉 I’m sure your SIL’s venture will be a huge success and if she’s got you helping out then she has one of the best designers on her her side

    • Pili says:

      I was quite shocked when I read it because it is perfect for a wedding on a rural place. I’d say they refer to plan a rustic wedding when the couple don’t feel the boho spirit in their normal life. Anyway, Vogue has a special sense of fashion and I wouldn’t wear some of the dresses even I was paid a million dollars… well maybe for a million yes lol.
      Thanks so much for your best wishes my friend.

  2. Mary says:

    Ladies I think that as long as it is your style and reflects your personality then it should not be off limit. Like Michelle, she is a boho spirit and that would suit her fine even if it was no longer in style. I love weddings and especially this farmhouse trend with everything being all rustic. Good luck to your sisiter-in-law Pili!

  3. Keri says:

    Congratulations to your sister in law! That sounds like an exciting new venture! I agree weddings should definitely reflect the couple in a personal way and not just copy and paste what everyone else is doing.

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