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I haven’t had time to share with you the trip we did to Barcelona to visit my mom, and at the same time she could see and enjoy time with her granddaughters… Also the trip was going to be fantastic as a cultural visit now the girls are older and believe me, Barcelona has so much to offer!!

We left Mallorca by boat just on time to enjoy the sunset. We had a cabin to sleep all night, but we also had time to play some games and make a boat tour. My daughters love to go on the boat, I guess it’s because they sleep on bunkbeds haha.

Viaje a Barcelona 1

I tell you, the sunset was amazing! Miss A enjoy it from the window.

Viaje a Barcelona 2

Next day on my mom’s neighbourhood there was an artificial ice rink outdoors so they wanted to give it a go. It was the first time they were skating on ice, but they are good with the rollers so in less than ten minutes they left me behind!

Viaje a Barcelona 3

A typical tradition here in Catalonia is called “Caga Tió” and it takes place on the 24th December. It is a log with a cap and a blanket, usually placed in the living room. Some days before the 24th the kids bring him food so he can start making gifts inside of it. On the night of the 24th, the family meets together around it, and they sing this song while they hit him gently to “shit” the presents.  When the song is over, they check under the blanket and take the presents.

Viaje a Barcelona 4

Another day we went to the Park Güell which is a must visit place from the genius Antoni Gaudí. His use of mosaic was amazing!

Viaje a Barcelona 5 Viaje a Barcelona 6 Viaje a Barcelona 7 Viaje a Barcelona 8 Viaje a Barcelona 9 Viaje a Barcelona 10 Viaje a Barcelona 11 Viaje a Barcelona 12 Viaje a Barcelona 13 Viaje a Barcelona 14 Viaje a Barcelona 15 Viaje a Barcelona 16 Viaje a Barcelona 17 Viaje a Barcelona 18 Viaje a Barcelona 19 Viaje a Barcelona 20 Viaje a Barcelona 21 Viaje a Barcelona 22 Viaje a Barcelona 23 Viaje a Barcelona 24 Viaje a Barcelona 25 Viaje a Barcelona 26 Viaje a Barcelona 27 Viaje a Barcelona 28

The hypostyle room, the outside, is a covered area with eighty-six column inspired in the Doric order, and supporting the upper square. The slight outward inclination of the outer columns and the undulating profile of the upper part, which projects out over them, accord the Hypostyle Room a fundamental role in the formal main entrance composition of Park Güell.

Viaje a Barcelona 29  Viaje a Barcelona 31 Viaje a Barcelona 32   Viaje a Barcelona 35 Viaje a Barcelona 36  Viaje a Barcelona 38 Viaje a Barcelona 39 Viaje a Barcelona 40  Viaje a Barcelona 42 Viaje a Barcelona 43 Viaje a Barcelona 44 Viaje a Barcelona 45 Viaje a Barcelona 46 Viaje a Barcelona 47 Viaje a Barcelona 48 Viaje a Barcelona 49

Another must visit place is the market called Encants Vells (which means “old charms”), also known as the Mercat de Bellcaire, one of the oldest flea markets in Europe and dates back to the 14th Century.

Viaje a Barcelona 50 Viaje a Barcelona 51

The emblematic mirrored canopy houses 500 stalls; a mixture of junk shop, antiques fair, jumble sale and old school market all rolled into one.

Viaje a Barcelona 52

We also had time to wander around the center of the old city called Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gótico) where you can see things you won’t see anywhere. Like this cool graffiti (except the traffic sign…)

A trip to Barcelona · Street Wall Art ·

I hope you have enjoyed our cultural visit as much as we did.



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    • Pili says:

      Hi Mary! I moved your comment to the English version, my fault! We had a great time indeed and the weather was not too cold so good to hang around the city. Gaudí has many amazing pieces of art there.

  1. Keri says:

    Pili, it looks like you and your family had a wonderful time in Barcelona. I’m so glad you got to visit. The traditions sound fun! All the mosaics are amazing !!!! And the flea market looks like my kind of fun. 😉

    • Pili says:

      We did Keri!! It’s a city that needs time to see because there are so many things… The flea market is amazing! Thankfully we had the car with us so I bought quite a few things and resold them here in Mallorca which paid all our expenses lol. Maybe that can be a business 😉

  2. Moira Armitage says:

    Fabulous photos Pili. We hope to visit Barcelona some time this year if we are lucky. We live on the mainland/peninsula in Almeria so we just need to fit it in with our plans. Visited when I was a child with my parents and have always wanted to go back. Such a lovely city! 🙂

    • Pili says:

      Happy New Year Moira! If you liked Barcelona when a child you’ll love it even more now. There’s always something to do, even walk down the Ramblas is a show by itself.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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