7 Tips for a Fun & Relaxing Family Staycation

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How is summer there? We are expecting a heat wave the following days and I hope it won’t be as hot as the heat wave we had some weeks ago.

Well, if you are on holidays and can be in the pool all day then a heat wave doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s not the case.

I flew to pick up my mom because she was not feeling very well and she will be spending at least the rest of the summer with us, which means no getting away or vacation for now…

Staycation is the option this summer so I dediced to research things to do as a family, I hope the can be useful for you too.

7 Tips for a Fun & Relaxing Family Staycation

Your family really needs a vacation, but using hard-earned vacation time just to hassle with traffic or airlines can be kind of a drag, not to mention expensive. That might be why a staycation is the best option for your family’s vacation this year. Here’s how to make it fun and relaxing.

1. Go All In With the Pampering

Use the money saved from hotel and travel expenses to invest in spa treatments like pedicures, massage therapy and hair care. Massage can be particularly effective in reducing stress, anxiety, headaches, pain and muscle tension, according to the Mayo Clinic. Consider investing in a 60- or 90-minute Swedish massage with essential oils for a relaxing and uplifting experience, or opt for deep tissue massage for deeper, more targeted strokes.

2. Give Back Your Time

Combat the daily monotony of work/school/housework by giving back your time to the community. Volunteering can actually increase happiness, self-confidence, and a sense of purpose while at the same time reducing stress and depression. It can also expand your social network, or even lead to a new career path. Volunteer as a family at a local animal shelter, public library, or food bank. Or just make treats for elderly neighbors.

7 Tips for a Fun & Relaxing Family Staycation

3. Compete at Something

Remember running in track and field competitions in high school? Bring back a little of that exhilaration by entering your family in a local race or biking competition. Bonus: exercise will help you sleep better during your time off and increase the feel-good hormone serotonin, making you happier in the long run. Not into the outdoors or just want some downtime? Try board games or a weekend-long Playstation tournament.

4. Get Creative

No matter your age, it’s fun to get a little messy and create something new. Additionally, a growing body of research reports that art, music, dance and drama therapy can significantly reduce stress. So let go of your need for productivity and use your time off to do an art project together, like tie dye or a painted mural.

5. Feel Safe and Secure

One often-overlooked aspect of staying at home is feeling safe and secure. Consider installing a home security camera system, since having another eye on the property can give you much-needed peace of mind, especially if you plan to leave the kids at home while you escape to get a pedicure.

6. Bring Home the Hotel Service

Spend more time doing fun things and less time cleaning up after everyone by hiring a housekeeper or maid service to clean your home before and after your staycation. In fact, you’ll feel happier paying someone else to do it if it means saving you time, according to research conducted by Harvard Business School.

7. Outsource the Cooking

If you went away on vacation, you would most likely eat out for every meal. Give your family the same treatment by choosing a new restaurant everyday to eat for breakfast or dinner. For healthier options that don’t require leaving the house, opt for a free trial of HelloFresh or Blue Apron to get meal kits delivered to your door.

No matter your staycation style, your family can have a fun and relaxing time by getting a massage, volunteering, competing in a race or doing artwork together. To amp up the relaxation factor, consider investing in home security or a housekeeping and/or meal kit delivery service so you can spend more quality time bonding as a family.

I hope you enjoy your vacation or staycation and remember to keep cool, at least we’ll try!

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