9 Cool Things You Can Do with Your Basement

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A finished basement is now an in thing in new constructions, I’d love to have one. However, old houses still have the not-so-inspiring basements. Part of the reason basements are underutilized is that they happen to be the first casualty in case of floods.

There are great ideas about basement remodels, though. Some of them focus the attention on the fact that the basements are big and secluded.

If you are looking for a spacious yet cool place, a basement is your go-to place. Here are the cozy ideas that you can implement for your basement.


A Home Office

With the real estate prices increasing by the day, the dream for a bigger house may not come soon. You can make your basement your home office. You just need to customize it for the work that you want to do, such as a side hustle like video blogging or art. You can make it a media room too.


A TV/Boys Room

The kids will always take the TV room, making it impossible for you to catch up with your evening game. Transform your basement into an entertainment booth.

You can add great features that will make it a great place. Some basements can fit a small home theater where you can play with the boys.


A Classic Bar

Alcohol should stay out of reach for children. A basement bar is one old-school idea, but it is always a refreshing thought. It can be a mini entertainment room, wine cellar, or a full bar. Modern basement bar remodels are as stylish as they are space-conscious.


Extra Bedroom

The number of families living in two-bedroom houses is staggering. Most significantly, such families have children. You cannot have enough bedrooms for your boys and girls. As they grow, you can turn your basement into a third bedroom.


Extra Bathroom or Spa

Common sense dictates that three-bedroom houses should have at least two bathrooms, master and guest bathroom. It is not always the case. Even if there is, you can always do with an extra bathroom. You can accessorize it further with a spa.


A Toilet

However ridiculous it feels, some of the remarkable technologies in this department are amazing. You can add a Sanibest Pro upflush toilet to give it that extra touch. If you have a senior living with you, a basement toilet can come in handy too. It will be close to the living area, which makes it a convenient option for them.


A Library

Space is premium in the modern real estate industry. A minimalist design ensures that the storage areas lose significance. A basement can pack a vast library collection and smart storage space. With vertical shelves along the walls, you can make a great reading area.


A Classy Arch Room or Fireplace

A pool table, a fireplace, and a court are some of the ideas that people are experimenting with and reaping great results. With heights of up to 10 feet, the basement can be bigger than most of the rooms in the house.


Make a Workout Area out of It

A place for a gym in a home is rarely available. The basement is doing well as a workout area. You can add virtually any workout tool there. You can even add storage for your workout gear.



Mold control is an issue, but with new technologies helping out, your basement should no longer be a name that you don’t want to mention. It is a great place that you look forward to every day.

Thousands of designs are there for you to pick. You can do more things with your private room. All you have to do is have an open mind about it.

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