Creating a Picture-Perfect Dressing Table

Your dressing table sees you every morning. Whether you’re dragging a brush through your hair or working on your immaculate cat-wing eyeliner, it’s a place of self-improvement and time to yourself. It makes sense, then, that it looks as perfect as you do once you leave it. By creating a beautiful dressing table, you will have an area of peace and luxury for your mornings.

The Chair

Your dressing table chair is an important part of the overall appearance. Choose one that is both comfortable and appealing – you can find a selection of vanity chairs that are both cushioned and interesting. You don’t necessarily have to match it to the desk, but you should make sure the colors compliment each other. You could choose a shell-like appearance or a color that pops to attract the eye. Whatever you go for, make sure it makes you feel comfortable and elegant while you sit there for your morning makeover.

A Mirror

The mirror is the focal point of the dressing table. Decide what sort of aesthetic you want to go for – do you want an old-fashioned, ornate mirror that screams opulence, or would you prefer to stick to a modern, white mirror with Hollywood lights lighting up your face? Choose a size that sits comfortably in front of you and is big enough for you to clearly view yourself. Don’t forget – you can always repaint it once it’s home!

The Table Itself

You don’t need to buy a table that is strictly a dressing table. In fact, many people make their own! Whether you have an old desk that you’re repurposing or you have a knack for DIY, you should create a desk that fits well with both the chair and the mirror. If you’re going for a vintage vibe, try to stick to it with all your furniture.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a table is how much storage it has, whether it will fit in the area you want, and if the appearance compliments the surroundings.

Your Beauty Products

What many forget when they’re creating their perfect dressing table are the beauty products that are on show. There’s no use in having a beautiful area if it’s just going to be messed up with foundation spills and a mish-mash of bottles. The trick here is to store all the less-appealing looking bottles in your drawers and keep the prettiest items out. A selection of perfumes out on the dressing table always looks pretty – and subscribing to means you’ll be sent a new one each month to create a gorgeous collection! Perfumes and other elegant bottles should stay out, while your floss and cotton buds should find a home in the drawers.

Pretty Additions

A dressing table needs to be dressed up, too! Once you have your dressing table all set up and ready for you to be seated, then think about adding in some extras. A plant would sit nicely on the side, and you could even throw in some scented candles to create a blissful morning routine. Jewelry is also a great item that’s often used to decorate an area – a lovely jewelry stand will do a grand job of that.

Creating your perfect dressing area takes time, but when you’re sitting in a beautiful area of your own creation, you’ll know it was all worth it.

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