Cupcake Tower

My little girl was turning three and I told my husband I wanted an “American Style” party for her, although we don’t have here as many things as in US. I got some ideas and I told him what I was going to do. He told me that some items would be a bit difficult to find here, and then my competitive side woke up. I told him that not only I was going to do it by myself but it would be a low cost project.  At that time I didn’t figure I would have a blog some years after, and I don’t have pictures of the table and all the things there. 🙁

DIY Cupcake tower

Well, let’s focus on the project. We’ll need:

  • Three circles of sturdy cardboard (I used big boxes from the supermarket containing sandwich bread). 
  • Four toilet paper rolls.
  • Gift paper or any paper you like.
  • Ribbon in coordinate color.
  • Spray glue.
  • Double sided tape.
  • Paper in desired color.
  • Wide and short can.
  • Elastic bands.
  • Glue or hot glue.


  1. Cut three circles of different diameter, and do the same again. Hotglue the circles by size; this way we get more sturdy circles to hold the cupcakes weight.
  2. Reinforce the toilet paper rolls by adding one inside the other.
  3. Turn the edges inside, we will apply glue there.
  4. Spray glue each cardboard circle and place the paper over it. Trim the excess.
  5. Add double side tape all around the circle.
  6. Add the ribbon, and repeat steps 4-6 for each circle.
  7. Spray glue toilet paper rolls and place the paper. You can use elastic bands to keep it in place while drying.
  8. Hot glue top and bottom of the toilet paper rolls and place them in the middle of the cardboard circles. The biggest circle will be at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Hotglue the can at the bottom of the biggest circle; this way the circle is not laying on the table and it has a better look.

Tutorial-DIY-Cupcake Tower


A cute and affordable project.

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