Kitchen Memories Hanger

Happy Monday to you all!

When we moved to our current house we brought with us an ugly kitchen hanger we had. I can’t remember how many years it had and why we had it… maybe it was a gift.

Some weeks later all the chaos was under control and everything in its place, so I had more free time to have a look around and choose something to change. The days of the ugly kitchen hanger were over.

I went “shopping” to my basement and found  a piece of plywood which would work. I measured it and then designed on Photoshop a print for it. You can download it for free on high quality here

Kitchen Memories Print

The process was really simple. Printed it on regular paper (laser printers work great for this) and cut to size. Then I mixed glue and water in a 1:1 ratio in a container and brushed the wood with it. I applied the print on top, covered it with a plastic bag and pressed to remove any air bubbles. Just in case you wonder why I use a plastic bag let me tell you is to protect the print from any scratches when removing air bubbles.

Once it dried I gave it two coats of varnish, added the hooks and hung it on the wall.

Kitchen Memories Hanger

Hope you like it as much as I do! Have a wonderful week!




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    • Pili says:

      Alayna, that would be a great idea!! I party at HomeMattersParty for a week or two, and this week I will be there as well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. Melanie Redd says:

    Hey Pili,

    I like what you’ve done with the “ugly” kitchen picture. Your updates make it look really good! Cute idea…

    I came over today on Waiting on Wed., and I’m glad to find your site.

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. Heaven says:

    I love the pictures you chose! I too could see this with personal pictures of my children. Thank you for the inspiration! #WAYWOW

    • Pili says:

      Yes, Heaven! That is a great idea, it would be wonderful!! The kids would love to have their pictures there.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Life Loving says:

    This is such a good idea. I’ve come across your site from a linkie and you’ve got some great posts on here. I bet it’s really satisfying having upcycled items that you’ve done yourself. I really should try harder to do this. If you fancy joining another linkie, I have one called Life Loving Linkie. Perhaps pop over and join in? I’m sure your crafts would go down really well. I’m off to have a further look through what you’ve been creating, I’m feeling quite inspired.

    Sally @ Life Loving

    • Pili says:

      Sally, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave me your kind comments. I really love to upcycle items, I think all of them deserve a new life. You can give it a try, and if you need any help just let me know 🙂

    • Pili says:

      Thanks to you Nikki, I wake up reading your comments and then I feel like superwoman haha!! I really love you stop by and comment.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Great job on this, Pili! I wish I could take you with me when I scour the flea markets and garage sales! It’s hard for me to look past the ugly and see an item’s potential. Thanks for linking up with us at the Merry Monday Link Party! See you again on Sunday night!

    • Pili says:

      Thanks so much Tiffany, is that an invitation? I accept!! See you at the party on Monday morning as for our different time zones. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Julie says:

    Hello Pili,
    I love what you did and made such a pretty hanging for your kitchen. Thanks for sharing how to do this.
    I’m now following you your SM on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
    I look forward to seeing you again at our Monday Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Julie xo

    • Pili says:

      When I found the images I felt in love with them, so I decided to keep them for something in the future… and they turned into this. Thanks for your visit, Jamie 🙂

    • Pili says:

      Yes, it’s like a stereotype, women cook and men saw wood, why? I cut wood and my husband cooks 😉
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. Sam // DIY Just Cuz says:

    Wow this is super cute! I didn’t know you could just mix glue and water to get the paper to adhere. Does it wear over time? I think the graphic you created is precious. Thanks for linking up at welcome home Wednesday!

    • Pili says:

      Sam, any white glue or even wood glue works. Just don’t do it too watery, and it will last forever! Thanks for your kind comments 🙂

  7. sue says:

    Great idea and you know I am a huge fan of your talent. Thanks for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom and look forward to next week’s post.

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