Old Door Idea – Coat Rack With Character

Hi friends!!

Were you wondering if I was still alive? Yes, I am! And happy to go back in track this month with my friends around the world and our Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge!

Each of us live in a different part of the world and this make this challenge so special, because we can learn about traditions or how others make things there.

Finally winter is over and I can’t be happier. Saying I hate winter is an understatement… I really hate it despite some of you living of colder areas  of our planet say ours it’s not winter really. But anything below 18ºC or three gray days in a row leave me in a bad mood. Having quite mild weather is one of the best things about living in an island…

Also I have some interesting projects which I hope I can share with you soon that requires my time and attention; that means less time for DIY but I have enough projects with pictures I’ve done waiting to see the light, and today I will be sharing one of them.

This month’s theme is wood so of course I will start with a free find. The last time I participated the theme was ‘cement’ in case you want to check out my cement mushrooms.

It was love at first sight. 

Not the spiderwebs, dust and dead bugs it had, no. Underneath all that there was an old wooden treasure as you can see. I had an old door idea, a coat rack with a vintage flair.

I am going to share my favorite products for this kind of project and I will add affiliate links for your convenience. You can read the full disclosure here

Old door idea – Coat rack

These are the materials I used to get this look.

· Old Fashioned Milk Paint
· Antique Crackle
· Hooks
· Paint brush

If you have not heard about milk paint let me tell you it is amazing. It is one of my favorite paints due to several reasons. Old Fashioned Milk Paint is a green paint with no toxics VOCs and stuff like that. It is also the best to get a worn and chippy look which is what I wanted with this coat rack.

I used two contrasting colors, first Red Barn and I applied one coat. If you want to learn more about it and how to prepare it you can read my post on how to transform furniture with milk paint. 


Don’t you think this color is gorgeous? If you follow my blog you would have seen I am not a “colorful” person but I can see me using it again for another piece of furniture.


I let the first coat dry. It was really quick because it was summer and really hot. Do you remember I told you at the very beginning that I have still lots of projects to share with you? This is one of them from last summer.

Then I added the Antique Crackle in some spots where I wanted the second layer of paint to get those cracks.


The funny thing about milk paint is that sometimes is unpredictable, like in this spot where it started to chip because of the heat I guess… I loved it!

Old door idea - coat rack · Red barn old fashioned milk paint · Via www.sweethings.net


Then I applied a thin layer of blue. Sorry because I didn’t write it down and not sure about the color, but I would say it’s Slate or Federal Blue. It has a beautiful blue-grayish tone.


More chipping and cracking, yay!!


I painted it roughly on purpose to let the red beneath show through.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


While it was drying I looked in my stash of drawer knobs, most of them from curbside founds, and found these metallic ones.

I dry brushed them with the same paint.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


The coat rack was done and I love it.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


I wish I was as good taking pictures than painting but it’s not the case. Sorry.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


If only I had enough room at home to keep it… but that’s not the case and I knew it would end up in a house where they would be of use and be loved.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


This is the most accurate color of it but again, pictures can’t reflect the beauty of milk paint. I promise it’s so special.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


In case you don’t do it already, salvage knobs from old furniture because they can be handy at any moment.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


My heart goes pitter patter with all that chipping.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


Also if you are wondering about that gorgeous wall is thanks to hubby, you can read about how to wallpaper walls easily.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


Love the contrast between those two colors.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net   


Last shot, pinky promise!! I’ve been painting furniture for a few years but I am still amazed about the power of paint. It can change a piece totally.

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net


If you liked it you can Pin It so maybe you need an old door idea and wants to give it a try. You can have a unique coat rack!

Old door idea - coat rack · Via www.sweethings.net

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  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    Oh my Pili, that chippy paint finish is glorious.So, so beautiful. Darn it how I wish we could get milk paint here in South Africa. It’s just not fair. And I know what you mean about Winter. My least favorite season.

  2. Leanna says:

    Winter never seems to go away does it? It’s a blessing that we have hobbies to enjoy indoors.

    I adore the long thin shape of this coat rack. Its allow for more room between hooks and is perfect on a long blank wall.

  3. Sam - Raggedy Bits says:

    Your door turned out amazing! Loved the colours you chose and the yummy chippy look you achieved! I’m with you to when it comes to paint, it never ceases to amaze me what paint can do!

  4. Marie says:

    What a lovely door and so perfect repurposed into a coat rack. I love the unpredictability of milk paint and this is a perfect example of its chippy goodness. Pinned 🙂

  5. Mary says:

    Those two tones really make a huge difference to show off all the details Pili. And with milk paint, you always get a buttery smooth finish which is also nice!

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