Unsure of How to Add Some Kerb Appeal to Your Property?

It’s true for most of us that when we decide to switch things up at home and try a few home improvements, it’s usually the inside of our homes that get the most attention. With the exterior often left to its own devices.

However, if you’re trying to sell your home, find a new tenant for your property or you’re just wanting to improve the look of your house from the outside, then focusing on the exterior is an absolute must. Don’t worry, you won’t have to hire a landscape gardener or completely repave your driveway; just a few simple tips and tricks will help you achieve the look of your property!

Don’t believe me? Check out this list of how to add some kerb appeal to your property.

Introduce some signage

If you want your property to stand out on the roadside, then consider introducing some gorgeous signage to your property. From ornate house numbers, to beautiful plaques that display your property name – for more inspiration, click here – there are thousands of options and ways you can add a touch of class and even a splash of your personality to the exterior of your home, and good signage is a low budget and super simple way to achieve it.

Add lighting

Good looking properties all have one thing in common. Good outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is not only a fantastic addition to your homes aesthetics, but it’s also a huge plus for your home security. A well-lit property is less likely to attract the attention of a potential thief or opportunist, and if you’re returning home in the dark, then you’ll feel safer too. So, add some solar powered lights along your garden path, or for a touch of magic, introduce some solar powered fairy lights to your shrubs and bushes. If you really want to take the style and class up a notch then install some matching wall lights on either side of your front door.

A splash of colour

What could be more inviting and appealing than a beautiful array of flowers, blooms, bushes and shrubs, all gorgeously well kept and looked after. If you don’t have a front garden to fill with plants, then don’t worry – invest in some large tubs and get planting. If gardening is a little too much work for your busy schedule then consider planting some bushes or shrubs that flower instead.

Keep up the maintenance

A blocked drain, a dripping gutter and a broken front step. All these things might seem like small issues, but they really affect the look and appearance of your property. So, take a weekend to complete all those annoying little jobs. Keep a sweeping brush to hands so you can brush away any debris that gets blown around your front yard. If your driveway or path is looking a little grubby, then hire a power washer – or someone with one – and marvel at the difference it makes!

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  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    Great tips Pili and they’re not too difficult to make happen either. I’m afraid we’ve been neglecting the outside of our home for a bit, but your post has inspired me to at least try do something and not just focus on the inside

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