Our Fall Vignette

If you follow me then you know I live in Mallorca, so that the contrast between seasons is not very pronounced and, of course, fall wouldn’t be less. I love these landscapes with multi-colored trees, thousands of fallen leaves on the ground and the wind dragging them … Here we still are in short sleeves during the day and just a few leaves are on the ground.

Following an initiative with other bloggers to show our autumn decoration I decided to post this entry.

Our Fall Vignette | www.sweethings.net

I decided to use the upcycled tray I like so much at the background; the natural wood color fits well with fall tones which are darker.

Our Fall Vignette | www.sweethings.net

Miss S suggested putting some flowers inside the lantern, she loves it.

Our Fall Vignette | www.sweethings.net

And as we live in an apartment there is not much outdoor space where to put things, but we always do something. All children from the block stand to look at what’s new, and when we saw each other they tell us what they like best. My daughters have so much fun!

Our Fall Vignette | www.sweethings.net

So this is our time decorating because Halloween is coming soon and we are preparing several things.

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  1. Mary-In the boondocks says:

    Pili, this is a lovely vignette, a nice way to decorate for Fall, And Miss S. was very smart in suggesting flowers for the inside of the lantern. You are lucky you have an observant helper. I had to go to the beach and pick leaves from the water…lol. That is how bad Fall is here.

    • Pili says:

      Thanks, we used what we had on hand at that moment… and then we’ll do a yummy soup with the pumpkin!!

  2. Jill Flory says:

    I love your sweet and simple decor! And I’m a bit jealous that you are still in short sleeves! We’ve had a freeze already and the heats been on. Ohio gets COLD!

    • Pili says:

      Oh, Jill! If I never get lost, don’t look for me in Ohio! Thanks so much for visiting and taking time to comment, it means a lot for me 🙂

  3. Thea says:

    So nice to meet you! Love your lovely fall vignette. Since it is not quite fall outdoors you made your own indoors! My favourite part are the flowers inside the lantern!

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    • Pili says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Betsy! I follow you some time ago and party with you each week. And yes, my girl is so sweet…

    • Pili says:

      My youngest daughter loves the lantern as well, she’s always carrying it with something inside!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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