How to Decor in a Budget

If you like to decor in a budget, then this is something you can do. You don’t need more than two materials, a Styrofoam ball and thumbtacks. Of course, you are also going to need a little patience, not everything will be perfect.

I explain the process which is very simple. First you need to get yourself a ball of the desired size, I like a big one.

How to decor in a budget -

Then we start sticking thumbtacks through the center line that it has marked. Once we have that first row, we will add a second row just above (or below) but making the thumbtacks are mounted above each other a little. Thus, the new thumbtacks push the first ones and this prevent them from falling.

How to decor in a budget -

Repeat the process until you have covered the whole ball, and for an extra fixing you can add some glue to the thumbtacks that close up and down, you will see that not a single one drops.

How to decor in a budget - sweethings.netHow to decor in a budget -  How to decor in a budget - How to decor in a budget -

Isn’t it cute? The girls and I just love it!




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  1. Mary-In the boondocks says:

    Pili, I love this. It is so simple yet elegant. I did something similar a few years ago with my son. We made a dragon’s egg by molding some clay and then putting the tacks on it. It took so much time but we are happy to have the shared memories.

  2. Tiffani says:

    Wow! Love this & love that it is super easy to make. Looks so chic & a great accent piece. Fun post! Thank you for linking up with Small Victories Sunday Linkup! Heading over to your FB page to stay in touch! 🙂

    • Pili says:

      Many thanks, Tiffani! It’s really fun to do, and I like it very much. In fact, all the kids that come home like it too and want to play with it!

  3. sue says:

    Pili I say it every week but you are soooooo cleverrrrrr!!! I just adore this and it looks so elegant yet simple to make. Thank you for always surprising me and linking up at #AnythingGoes.

  4. Beverly says:

    What a great decor piece. I love how simple it is to make and it looks lovely. Thanks for sharing your crafty creations with us at Snickerdoodle.

  5. sue says:

    So easy but effective although I’m not sure I would have the patience! You are so clever! Thanks for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

  6. Debbie says:

    I couldn’t first figure out how you made it. It’s simply fantastic.
    And the effect is incredible.
    If I tried it, I think my cat would love it way too much.
    Thanks for sharing it on #tiptuesday.

    • Pili says:

      Hi, Julianne! It’s a bit time consuming but it’s worth the time. Would love to see yours!
      Thanks for visiting!

  7. Karren Haller says:

    Oh my goodness, I could see a whole bowl full of these, how awesome!! , thanks for sharing your idea on #OMHGFF this week, appreciate your visit!!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Nikki Frank-Hamilton says:

    Holy cow!!! Such a simple ball becomes something gorgeous! My home is full of silver items, and this would be perfect, a few of them together, or hung as Christmas decoration. I have a tall glass vase that I could fill with these, in different sizes. Girl, you’ve inspired me! Thanks.

  9. Aeryn Lynne says:

    Awh, that’s the cutest thing ever! And looks awesome, no matter where its placed. I’m definitely going to have to try this soon, love it. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    (here from #GoodFriendsFriday)

  10. Aspen Jay says:

    Wow, I would have never, ever thought of making it, but it looks so classy! Love your creations Pili! Thanks for sharing them with us at Talented Tuesday.

    • Pili says:

      Hi Tracey! That’s the best thing about DIY, you can make things of your own looking great for a fraction of its cost in a shop

  11. kristiina says:

    love this! It looks so high-end for mere pennies…well done 🙂 I’m a big fan of metallics in decor and this has that plus texture.


    • Pili says:

      Hi, Kristiina! I’m a big fun for decorating in a budget, and I also love the look of this.
      Welcome to my little and crazy corner, thanks for stopping by!

  12. Mimi says:

    I’m not sure I have the patience for this one Pili, but I sure love the result! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou. Will you join me again this week? Mimi xxx

    • Pili says:

      I wasn’t sure if I would have the patience too, but I finally did it. And you know what? It didn’t take as long as I thought

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