Recycling Glass Jars Into Home Decor

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Is it me or time really flies? It seems like yesterday that I was announcing you another Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge but that was a month ago! As you know, a group of bloggers around the world teamed together to share our crafts, traditions and how’s life in different parts of the planet. Last month we decided to upcycle tins and the previous one was Outdoors Projects. This month we thought we could repurpose any household item… who else is scanning her home to find something to do the same? Then don’t miss today’s post and what my friends have to share too, I hope we are able to give you some ideas.



One of the things I really love about Spain is the food. Our climate is great for growing vegetables all year long, and our Mediterranean diet is known worldwide. My husband and daughters love asparagus, any kind, and white asparagus is something we always have. They come in a glass jar and you know me, once it’s empty I clean it and keep it for future projects.

Like this one.

In fact, for this one, I used an old glass jar that I used as a vase some time ago and a pair of old leggings from my oldest daughter.

They started like this.

Glass jars used as home decor  ·  Via


Have you noticed the hole on the leg? She wore them until they were destroyed! Yay, it meant that from that minute they were mine.

The size was perfect for my plan. I placed the glass jar inside it, wrapped white string around and added a lovely charm I bought some time ago.

Glass jars used as home decor  ·  Via


Again the hole, can you see it? I cut the fabric and used some glue to keep everything in place. It’s white because the glue was wet but once it dried you couldn’t notice it.

Glass jars used as home decor  ·  Via


I did the same with a shorter glass jar I had and love them!!

They cost almost nothing, I saved the landfill getting more junk and they look great as home decor. Can I ask for something more?

Glass jars used as home decor  ·  Via


Here they are in the front beach apartment I recently decorated. I promise the whole reveal soon but for now you can see the twin benches I made for the terrace.

Glass jars used as home decor  ·  Via


I hope you like them as much as I do!

Glass jars used as home decor  ·  Via

What about you? Do you have glass jars also waiting to be repurposed?

Don’t forget to check what the other ladies have to share.


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  1. Michelle says:

    That’ such a sweet and brilliant idea Pili. Your daughter must be super happy to see her favorite leggings used in such a unique way. They look lovely.

  2. Mary says:

    Pili that is such a clever way to repurpose the jars. Hah! I must have had a ton of legging with holes too. Beautifully done and not only did you repurpose the jars but also the leggings too. They look really nice in the storage unit.

  3. Keri says:

    Pili, this is such a lovely way to repurpose glass jars. I have tons of them that I need to work on and I love this idea of adding fabric! Wonderful job!

  4. JaneEllen says:

    How smart you are to re-purpose jars as well as cast off leggings, awesome looking..
    I have to raid hubs recycle bin for old jars and he hollers at me how am wasting jars. Nuh unh. Am re-using them for decorations. Hubs thinks most of my crafts are silly. Oh well, to each his own huh?
    Enjoy rest of week

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