Styling Flat Lay Photographs For Int’l Blogger Club Challenge

Hi, guys!

Welcome to another series of Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge!! Asking yourself what is this about? A group of bloggers around the world teamed together to share our crafts, traditions and how’s life in different parts of the planet. Last month we took a needed holiday break but here we are again, full of energy and new ideas. And talking about ideas maybe you are wondering about the title of this month’s challenge… Styling flat lay photographs… Don’t feel bad, I had no idea what was that until about a couple of months ago when one blogging friend wrote a blog post about it.  She is so sweet and funny, I recommend reading her blog posts, you will not be disappointed. She has also written and published her first book, So Close to Amazing, and I’m sure it’s worth reading it.

Well, back to the subject, styling flat lay photograps for this month’s challenge…



Why do we need to learn how to styling flat lay photographs? Because we have a blog where we show things we do and things we like, and we want pictures to reflect what we see in real life as accurate as possible.

I have been working on my “normal” photography and I am happy to say that I improved a lot from when I started blogging, but the road is long and I know I can do better.

Here are some examples of recent shots of items from my shop.

Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via


Good natural light and pretty things help a lot

Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via

I have to admit when I first heard about flat lay photograph I thought it seemed really easy, why people needed tutorials?

I was wrong…

Like totally wrong, it is not easy at all.

There are so many beautiful flat lay pictures we can use for inspiration

Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via

Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via

It was time to take some courage and try to get some nice pictures of my own. I decided I wanted to photograph a special gift from a friend. Julia makes the most beautiful diaries in the world; they are all handmade and perfectly finished.

Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via


I received mine one day without expecting it, along with two pencil cases for my daughters. I loved the detail of my logo on it and I decided to use it for ideas and notes for the blog.

Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via


All is in the little details

Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via


Isn’t it the sweetest diary?


Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via


I made the tea light holders upcycling some glass jars with some twine around the top and some charms I had laying around. You know I am obsessed with recycling and made different things with glass jars, like these pantry storage containers, a vase and a treat jar for our dog.

Styling flat lay photographs for blog and home decor · Via

I learned a lot thanks to this challenge, and it’s been a big one! I am so thankful to my tribe, Mary, Keri, Katrin and Michelle, they are part of my life and I have so much fun with them while we learn lots of things.


Please don’t forget to stop by their blogs to see what they’ve done this month.

Thanks for visiting!

Have a wonderful week,


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  1. Michelle says:

    UGH Pili, I know exactly what you mean. I also thought it would be easy 😉 All you need to do is scatter a few things around and take a photo from somewhere up there. Right!!? I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many photos before, but I sure learnt a lot too. You did a amazing job showing off that beautiful diary that you got. It’s so gorgeous. All that detail and lovely personal touches.

  2. Katrin says:

    Such a beautiful diary Pili and you showcased it well! I had no idea it would be such a challenge, but I think we all did really well! It was fun!

  3. JaneEllen says:

    Loved your jars so much, will try to get mine to look that way, so stylish and wonderful .You are talented on computer, know how to use those labels for your jars. I am digitally challenged, embarrassing, but it is what it is.
    Great job repurposing those great jars.
    Happy week Pili

  4. Marie says:

    Your flat lay photographs are gorgeous, Pili! I love your notebook cover – so pretty. I have yet to understand how to do flat lay photography but I just love looking at flat lay images. So fun following this series of the International Blogger Club.

  5. Mary says:

    Pili I think you did a great job even if you said it was hard. The journal is a very special gift to display and talk about and you are lucky to have such great friends.

  6. Keri says:

    Pili, your photographs are beautiful! Your friend did an amazing job on the journal. Your logo is a lovely touch. Your flatly photography is wonderful!!

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