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Hi, everyone! Welcome to another month of our Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge! I look forward to this post every month because it is so funny to see the different things my bloggers’ friends do! If you remember, I teamed up three lovely ladies and each month we share different traditions, last month we talked about “furniture makeovers“, the previous one was “shopping” and this month is about summer activities. Yay!! I love summer so much!!

Int'l Bloggers Club

Living in Mallorca, our summer starts way before the 21st June. We are in short sleeves and flip flops around mid-April, May for sure, so we have a lot of time to spend and enjoy outdoors. I really admire people who are able to live in cold climates, I would die there!

I have to warn you this will be a long post, so feel free to grab a cup of tea, put yourself comfortable and join us in our summer craziness.

Welcome to our Summer Activities!

As you will see, our life is mostly outdoors. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit, and we have astonishing beaches to discover.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Blue water beach

Kids finish school or extracurricular activities in June. Both the girls do multiples activities all year round, and some of them also run during summer.

Dancing lessons finished mid-June so there was a show for parents, family, and friends. Miss A does ballet, flamenco and modern, which is kind of a mix of funky, hip-hop and other modern styles.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Flamenco dancing

Little Miss S does theater and modern. She tried ballet for some months but quit; she was bored to dead with it. She’s pure energy so she needs something to express herself, she is really talented!

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Hip hop dancing

We also found a circus. It’s not a traveling circus anymore, but it was some years ago. We remember going to see the show twice when we moved to Mallorca some years ago, and they used to have animals too. Now they don’t have animals, but they still do shows and train kids. Of course the girls tried it and loved it!! You can see some of their work through their page, Duo Voyage.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Circus

Sandro masters the trampoline. I am amazed how he makes something difficult seems easy to do. Before the girls attended the circus I thought the trampoline was only jumping up and down, silly me! There are plenty of exercises and sequences to do the jumps. The girls are fear-free, so they are learning somersault back and forth among other things.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Circus

Sandro’s partner, Valya, is amazing too. She masters trapeze, the big metal ring, that red fabric, and she’s nearly a contortionist.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Circus

We are so fortunate to have found this wonderful couple! They are loving and caring and give the best of themselves to teach the kids. I don’t need to say the girls love them so much!!

They also have horses and lots of chickens in the field where the circus tent is installed.The parents wait outside while the kids train; we sit, chat and prepare healthy snacks for them to eat when they finish.

We bring always breadcrumbs for the chicken; kids love to see how many of them come to eat, and they even try to catch some. Isn’t this trap cool?

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Circus

I felt in love with this car the first time I saw it.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Circus

Living on an island we can’t miss the sea. Anytime is good to go sailing! Paula, a close friend, invited us to go sailing and we accepted happily.

Palma’s cathedral, also know as “La Seu” is more impressive seen from the sea.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - View of Palma's Cathedral - La Seu

My daughters were so excited when Paula let them took the helm! I lost my sunglasses on that trip too, not everything can be perfect.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Sailing

There are also places you can visit on hot days, as this visit we did to Tirme. It is an Environmental Technology Park where waste management is dealt. They achieved the zero waste goal and they have guided tours for groups. It was a fun and interesting visit where we learned why it is important to recycle.

One of the exterior walls was made from Coca Cola tin cans. Yes, they are yellow because of its exposure to the sun and other elements.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Recycling Tirme

There was a lounge made from old barrels of oil. Another cool recycle!!

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Recycling old oil barrels at Tirme

A railroad showed us the facilities, next time we’ll bring a clothespin for our nose just for the area where they mix the waste with water. This picture below shows the area where the plastic is sorted out.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Recycling at Tirme

For those of you having kids, do you realize how busy their social life can be ? There is at least one birthday party each month in summer. During winter the amount rises dramatically! But we love having parties anywhere, anytime.

One of Miss S closest friends celebrated hers at home. We had a wonderful time, parents included.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Having fun at the pool



Another birthday party; believe me I was serious about the number of parties we have. Thankfully, the girls and I always make some special DIY gift, so not only they receive a present made from the heart but we save a lot of money too.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Birthday party

Summer is pretty crowded here, and there are lots of music festivals and alternative things to do with kids. This day the girls enjoyed a day with music (they were going from one stage to the other), crafts, painting, body painting, and many other activities.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Birthday party

Do you remember I told you my girls are both high-energy? They love to dance, to run, to swim and of course to climb over things. Trees are their favorites! Not to talk about zip lines, that’s heaven!

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Climbing trees

If it was up to them, they would go there daily. It is a big park with different things, sorted by difficulty and size. The older/taller kids can do all of them, while the little ones can do only a part of it. There is another park from the same company designed for adults, but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe if I skip a birthday party I can go one day…

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Climbing trees

When I hear summer, my mind automatically thinks about sun, beach, time outdoor and “fiestas”. It is a tradition here in Spain for each town to has its own “fiesta mayor” and it normally takes place within the three months of summer. It is like a local summer festival and lasts from 5-7 days depending on the town. You could be all summer long from fiesta to fiesta! There are different activities through all the day, and for all the people.

We don’t miss water activities, they are fun and refreshing.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Water games

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Water games

There are attractions for kids as well, mine love this one.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Water games

One of the funniest things is the foam party. Kids and grown-ups love to be buried in foam. Having the sea really close also helps.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Water games

Early mornings are great to spend some time in one of our favorite coves. Then around noon we go back home because it gets too crowded and noisy. We use to enjoy little coves more from September to November, and then again from April to beginning of June.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - At the beach

Another day we planned a visit with some other friends to an amazing place called “Raixa“. On 2011 it was declared as Heritage of Humanity by the Unesco. It has centuries of history and the place is stunning.

Orange trees, cypresses, romantic gardens… and the visit to the upper round tower is a must.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Sa Raixa - Heritage of Humanity by Unesco

The upper gardens were structured around the monumental staircase dedicated to the god Apollo and to four muses linked with poetry and mythology.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Sa Raixa - Heritage of Humanity by Unesco

One day my friend Ruty, which is the owner of the lovely rural hotel Sant Blai, phoned me to tell me that Sandro and Valya (the circus couple) were performing a show there, and she thought we might want to join them. What do you think? Of course we wanted, we don’t miss an opportunity!

We arrived early so the girls had time to play with their friends and spend time with the animals. I tell you this little hotel is a piece of paradise!

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Rural Hotel Sant Blai

They have horses and guests can take a ride. Kids can feed and brush them too.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Rural Hotel Sant Blai

There are also sheeps and bunnies.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Rural Hotel Sant Blai

The show started and Valya was performing her show. Can you see her? I took the picture with my phone, but you can see better pictures of that day here.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Rural Hotel Sant Blai

Kids (and adults) enjoyed the show very much. Seeing it help them understand why they have to repeat the exercices when they are training at the circus, practice makes perfection.

Some other days we just stay at home. We play cards, board games, swim in the pool, walk the dog and discover our new neighborhood… We do lots of crafts too, and the girls help me with some projects or make some of their own.

Don’t pay too much attention at the craft room because I was working on several projects at the same time and it was like an explosion. The kids don’t care too much, they are used to my chaos.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Crafting

A friend of us let us know there was a place called “Botanicactus” and we organized together a trip there. It was A-MA-ZING! It was created by a french man who bought the plot and started a Mediterranean and cacti garden there 26 years ago. There are specimens brought from various parts of the world, and he also removed thousands of tons of soil to create a fake lake, and that soil was moved to create fake mountains to stop the wind and where he planted the cacti. He personally did the tour for us and we loved the story of that place.

It seemed we were in Arizona! I had never seen so many cacti together!

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Botanicactus - Botanical garden

Summer is not summer without sleepovers!

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Sleepover

Or enjoying nights out

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Dinning out

Or playing sports with friends

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Playing tennis

The north and the south of the island are totally different. The north is wilder, the blue of the sea is darker but it has pretty shades of blue. There is much more vegetation and it’s greener. It rains more and it’s more windy, but is really really beautiful. On our way to visit one of my sisters in law, we say these guys doing kite surf at the Pollença Bay. Another place where people from around the island come to make kite surf is Son Serra de Marina, paradise for kitesurfers.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Kite surf

The night of the 23rd June we celebrate “San Juan”, which is a mix between a pagan and a catholic tradition where there are bonfires and people take a bath in the sea.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Noche de San Juan

People normally come early to prepare their spot with towels, candles, some wear white clothes… We bring food to eat, the kids can play and swim while we wait for the sun to dawn and light the candles. Some people bring musical instruments such as guitars to play music around the bonfires

Some people bring tents and they sleep at the beach, others just bring an air bed and some go back home to sleep in their comfy bed. I’m in the last group.

My sister in law visited us some days later and told me there was an upcoming event in a town not too far from us called “Fashion Night”. It’s done every year and it consists of volunteers showing clothes provided by some selected shops in the town, and some designers showing their new collections. She asked us if we wanted to join and the girls said yes. I said no because I would be the camera 😉

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Fashion Night Show

Apart from my daughters, my two nieces were participating too, my son and my sister in law.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Fashion Night Show

My nephew Martin was there too.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Fashion Night Show

My niece Monica helped as well with the makeup.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Fashion Night Show

It was fun to see the family in the catwalk!! Sorry daddy was out and he missed it, but we sent him all the pictures and videos.

Now that I’m almost done with some big projects I’m working on, we have plans to discover new beaches. We don’t like to go where all the tourists go, and there’s a Facebook group where people from the island share their favorite hidden beaches. This one is Cala Mondragó, located on the southeast.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Cala Mondrago beach

We also enjoy having play dates with friends, more if they have a lovely tree house like this. They spend hours playing inside, then the parents can refresh ourselves at the pool.

What to do in summer in Mallorca - Lovely treehouse    What to do in summer in Mallorca - Summer Activities for the Family

And these are our summer activities for now, but there are still many days to do interesting things. Now I’m heading to my friends’ blogs to see how they are spending their summer.

Thanks so much for visiting and don’t forget to stop by to see what the other ladies have to share!!

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Have a wonderful week!



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  1. Keri says:

    Pili, I must come visit you in Mallorca!! It looks like your summer activities are so much fun!! My girls would be following your little ones around, trying to keep up with the fun! That’s so neat that your kids have some awesome opportunities to learn so many cool things like dance, and circus gymnastics. Sailing would be amazing! Love the recycle plant with the oil barrel chairs! And of course Raixa looks so beautiful!! The hidden beach must be a lovely place to go and escape the crowds. All of your summer activities look like tons of fun!! Thank you for sharing your summertime activities!!

    • Pili says:

      Hey Keri! Yes, you should definitely come visit us!! My girls would be more than happy to have new friends to play with, and the oldest one would take care of your little one, she loves to do that. I’m so thankful to be able to provide them the possibilities to learn new things, every child deserves it.
      Thanks so much for stopping by to see how we spend our summer!

  2. Katrin says:

    Wow, Pili, again, why haven’t I been to Mallorca yet!? You sure are busy busy busy and your girls must love having so many activities and events to participate in! The beaches look amazing and I would love to visit Raixa some day! Enjoy your summer with your family and Thanks for showing us your beautiful Island!

    • Pili says:

      I think the same, Katrin! We are not so far one from each other! The girls would have a great time playing together and we could go traditional shopping or thrift store shopping lol.
      Enjoy your summer too!

  3. Mary-the boondocks blog says:

    Pili, I don’t know what to say. You are one very busy lady. It is wonderful that there are so many activities and opportunities for your girls to learn new things and have fun in the process. Your island is amazing. The beautiful palace Raixa is incredible, like out of a fairytale. And the cacti garden is also beautiful. So much green and so much life. Thank you for showing us such a big part of your life. Now that you have told us about the hidden cove all the tourists will show up. Have a wonderful summer my friend and enjoy all that your amazing island has to offer.

    • Pili says:

      I know, I wonder sometimes where I find the time to blog with this tight agenda, but I really love to do both things. My girls are raising happily while learning so many things and meeting so many interesting people, I wish all kids could do the same.
      Tourists are everywhere here during summer, even beaches that can’t be reached by walking there are boats anchored there.
      Have a lovely summer you too.

  4. Doreen@foxdenrd says:

    Hello Pili! I am visiting via Mary’s blog, and I very much enjoyed learning about your lovely area.n

    As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think how lucky your girls are. It seems their lives are filled with so many wonderful things and ways to express their creativity and energy! lol

    The recycling plant sounds very interesting and I had to laugh about the smell! The oil barrels as chairs are very cool, albeit a little uncomfortable, but who cares? 😉

    Many thanks for this post! I learned a lot!

    • Pili says:

      Hi, Doreen!! Thank you so much for your visit, I really appreciate it!
      We are blessed to have two adorable and healthy girls, and we try our best to raise them respecting and understanding others, and provide them with a happy life.
      At the recycling plant there were so many cool things, but didn’t want to bore any of you with too many pictures lol, the post is long enough.
      Have a wonderful week!

  5. Marie, The Interior Frugalista says:

    Oh my goodness Pili, Mallorca looks breathtaking! You sound like one very busy Mom to two very busy girls. It is hard for me to imagine, being in the landlocked Canadian prairies, what it would be like living in a coastal community. Thank you for a peek inside your life during the Summer!

    • Pili says:

      Hi, Marie! It’s funny, I can’t imagine myself living in a place where there was no water near me. We don’t go to the beach too often, but just driving and being able to see the sea makes my heart expand with joy.
      Thanks so much for visiting, hope you are enjoying your summer too!

  6. Michelle says:

    Oh wow, I really enjoyed this awesome tour of Mallorca. What an amazing place. How on earth do you manage to do all this and still create such amazing DIY’s and makeovers? I love that photo of the old car and the “come draw on me wall” is such a brilliant idea. Thanks so much for the share and enjoy the rest of summer.

  7. Karen (Back Road Journal) says:

    I really enjoyed your post and photos…the first one is stunning. My but you have a busy but fun sounding summer with your family. I’ve always been interested in Mallorca as one of our homes was bought from a women who was from there. She said the home we bought from her in Florida was done like homes on the island…it was white inside and out with a courtyard tiled in blue and white.

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