Top Tips to Add Value to an Older Home

When you invest in an older home, or if it has been in your family for decades, you might not believe that you can add much value to it. However, that is not the case and if you are thinking of selling your older home or simply want to improve it, then here are some of the best tips that can help you to add value to an older home.

·      Restore Period Features

One of the best ways that you can add value to an older home does not involve updating or adding anything to it. Instead, you should simply restore the period features that your home already has. Over time, period features are often obscured and may even have been adapted by previous tenants who might have been desperate to renovate the building. You should consider putting all of your energies into restoring the beautiful, traditional features that it already has, such as fireplaces, wood beams, and ceiling accents. This will then make your home more desirable to people who are looking for charm and individual character in their new property.

·      Install New Windows

Many older homes still have single glazed windows, which can make them draughty and can increase the energy bills that you need to pay to upkeep them. Therefore, you should consider installing new windows in your older home. However, rather than choosing alarmingly modern ones that might look out of place within your home, you should consider opting for more traditional styles, such as Wandsworth Sash Windows, that are still popular in homes today. This will allow you to create a stunning feature in your home while also improving the quality of life within your property.

·      Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Although there are some parts of your home that buyers may appreciate you keeping traditional, there are some rooms that you should consider updating if you want to be in with a chance of selling your home. For instance, older kitchens and bathrooms can look unhygienic and unwelcoming, and so you should consider installing new units within these rooms, while keeping them in the style of your home. This will then ensure that the house remains a practical space to live in, while also looking liveable. You should also try to eradicate any mould and damp within these rooms (which is particularly common in older homes) as this will make the property more appealing to potential residents.

·      Redesign Your Garden

If you are wary about changing any of the rooms in your home for fear of updating them too much, you should focus your efforts on your garden space instead. Your garden can add a lot of value to your home if you know what to do with it, especially if you decide to employ a professional to properly landscape the space. You should consider adding in paths and unique water features, as well as raised beds and even summer houses which can help to add an element of sophistication and beauty and that can ensure that your garden can flourish throughout all of the seasons.

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