Best Ways for Looking After Old Windows

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How are you doing where you live? As you know I am in the Balearic Islands and we use to enjoy nice and warm weather until around the first weeks of November, but really not this year. It’s been raining non-stop for two weeks, which is very rare here, old people can’t remember this rain in the last 35 years… anyway, this caused the temperature to drop and we passed from summer to winter.

We had to hurry and get the house ready for these temperatures. Fireplace, windows, doors… and I thought it could be useful for you a mini guide of the best ways for looking after old windows.

Aging and wear and tear can impact older windows’ appearance, function, and performance. If you struggle to open and close your windows, they feature many scratches and stains or are welcoming cold into the property, you might need to give them a new lease of life.

However, you will be happy to learn you don’t need to replace the windows entirely, as you can embrace tactics to restore their visual appeal and performance. Read about the best ways for looking after old windows.

Repair Timber Over Replacing

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a well-maintained period property, your home likely features historic timber windows that can last forever with some TLC. As the windows were often created from durable, high-quality timber, it is a cheaper alternative to repair timber windows over replacing them.

New Forest Joinery should be your first port of call when looking for a quality repair, as they can fix various issues to restore your windows to their former glory. If the damage is too significant, they provide a replacement service and install windows that will preserve your historic home’s character and visual appeal.

Keep Your Windows Clean

When cleaning your windows, you can’t go wrong with a bucket of hot water mixed with washing powder. Glass cleaner with newspaper is another option for a lighter, brighter clean, as it can remove clumps of dirt while avoiding streaks.

However, if you’re struggling with more stubborn stains, adding a splash of white vinegar onto a tea towel and rubbing a pane in circular motions could make your windows sparkle once again.

Fill Any Cracks Surrounding the Frame

Cracks and gaps can often develop outside a window frame, which will cause a build-up of dampness on your internal walls while reducing your home’s temperature. Prevent the problems by filling any cracks surrounding the frame with a high-quality sealant. Once inserted into the cracks, smooth out the sealant surface with a clean rag. If sealant alone can’t fill the gaps, you may need to add mortar with a filling knife or a small trowel.

Резной оконный деревянный наличник

Add Extra Insulation

Old windows may welcome cold air into the home, which will make your property feel more than a little chilly during autumn and winter. If this is the case, insulate the windows by filling the interior casing with a rigid foam. However, if cold air enters between the opener and frame, add a weather seal to prevent a draught and keep your home warm.

Replace the Window Handle

If a window fails to open when turning the handle, it may have seized. If available, review the manufacturer’s guidebook on how to resolve the problem. If you don’t have a guidebook, a new handle is an affordable solution, and you can choose from many beautiful designs to complement your old windows.

If you follow the above tips, you can enjoy beautiful, functional windows throughout the years, which will ensure your property doesn’t lose its visual appeal and character.

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