Vintage Jewelry Box Makeover

This week is being a busy one, but I want to show you today a vintage jewelry box I made for a friend of mine.

We were participating in a crafty friends exchange and I was paired with my friend Pili (yes, we have the same name!). She is really talented, so it was really difficult for me to think of something I could do to surprise her as she knows a lot of techniques and make beautiful things. You can see a bit of her work here.

So I went “shopping” to my basement to see what I could do for her, and found this old fashioned jewelry box for kids. I thought it was perfect so I rushed home and started to paint it with my DIY chalk paint when I remembered I hadn’t a picture of it, aarrgg!!

I hope you can make an idea of how it looked like.

Vintage jewelry box makeover with some DIY chalk paint and a pretty print

Vintage jewelry box makeover with some DIY chalk paint and a pretty print

The best about chalk paint is that you don’t need to sand first or add any primer to the object you want to paint. Just grab a brush and start painting!

When it was fully painted in white, I let it dry and went to my laptop to play around with my Photoshop. I ended up making a cute print for the top.

Vintage jewelry box makeover with some DIY chalk paint and a pretty print

Then, as the print had some greenish tones, the girls and I tried to achieve a similar color mixing paints. I tell you that is absolutely fun!! I can’t tell which colors we mixed because I didn’t write them down, but next time I will do if for sure.

I painted the whole thing in that color, and then I decoupaged it with the print. I used white glue + water in a 50-50 ratio.

Vintage jewelry box makeover with some DIY chalk paint and a pretty print

The last thing was to add a layer of varnish to protect it, and it was ready to send.

When my friend received it she told me she fell in love with it. She liked the color very much, she even had in her bedroom some stuff with a similar color to the vintage jewelry box I sent her.

I hope you like it too! You can see another jewelry box makeover or some other projects on the Gallery.

Have a wonderful day!



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  1. Keri says:

    Pili, this jewelry box makeover is gorgeous!!! You did an amazing job designing the top of the box!! I also like the color you and your girls mixed up…perfect!! I know your friend Pili will love her new jewelry box!!

    • Pili says:

      Thank you so much, Keri!! We really had a great time mixing colors and discussing which colors would have formed the original we were trying to replicate.
      I love when I have time to play and make some designs… My mind is in another place, so relaxing!

  2. Mary-the boondocks blog says:

    This is really pretty Pili. The design on the top and the special flower make it all the more Sweet! I am so happy your friend liked the gift. I too believe in giving special gifts to friends instead of buying.

    • Pili says:

      Yes, I agree, I am a huge fan of special handmade gift for others. And I think others also prefer special gifts made for them, with a purpose.

  3. sandi magle says:

    Amazing transformation. I know I am compulsed to pick up cute small wood pieces at thrift stores…I do believe I would have passed up that red/blue abomination though…LOL. Great job! Thanks, Sandi

    • Pili says:

      Hahaha!! I don’t really remember why/when I ended up with it, but I’m glad I did it. My friend loved it and we were both happy.

      Thank you so much for stopping by, enjoy your week!

    • Pili says:

      Thank you so much!! I have to tell the colors are prettier than in the picture. Glad you like it too, it was fun to make it.

  4. Laurie says:

    Pili, This is such a beautiful makeover! I’m sure your friend will cherish it. Thank you for sharing with us at Brag About It! Pinning and tweeting to share.

    • Pili says:

      Yes, she was really happy with it. She loves vintage stuff and told me it fitted perfectly into her bedroom.

  5. Regina L. L. Wells says:

    Wow! I never would have guessed seeing the finished product how it began. This is absolutely gorgeous. What beautiful work! It is so feminine and classic, as if you just bought it from an antique shop in mint condition. #WAYWOW

    • Pili says:

      Thank you so much, Regina! I love when I feel inspired and can put myself to work… time seems to stop and there are no worries in my mind. Glad you like it too!

  6. Life Loving says:

    This looks really nice. I bet your friend was really pleased. Must be something about the name if she is also super creative too. Who knew?

    Sally @ Life Loving

    • Pili says:

      Well, the Spanish patron saint here is the “Virgen del Pilar”, so Pilar (Pili for friends) is a very common name 🙂

  7. Nikki Frank-Hamilton says:

    Pili, you amaze me! I cannot believe the transformation! From a child’s box to this gorgeous treasure! Anyone would love it, and I’m sure your friend is astounded by your creative talents too!

    • Pili says:

      She does amazing things too, that’s why it was a challenge to me. I’m glad you like the jewelry box too!

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