DIY Chalk Paint

Hi all!! I am convinced that nowadays all of us have heard about chalk paint. The original brand Annie Sloan Chalk Paint isn’t really cheap, and here in Spain it is not so easy to find it and  the price increases a bit more. So I made a research and found Diane’s blog, which is absolutely fantastic and really helpful and of course I suggest you visit it, and I decided to give handmade chalk paint a try.

We need few supplies. I added some affiliate links for your convenience, you can read my full disclosure here.

1. Acrylic paint water based
2. Plaster of Paris
3. Water
4. Measuring glass
5. Mixer (it is not a must but I highly recommend it)

I made some changes regarding the original recipe, and this is the one that I use. The steps are numbered because when I tried to change the order the results weren’t as expected:

1º. One glass paint
2º. One glass Plaster of Paris
3º. Half a glass of water

DIY Chalk Paint

Add the water in a container (I used an empty paint can), then add Plaster of Paris and mix immediately. You don’t need to mix too long, just to mix water and plaster properly with no lumps.

Don’t stop mixing and add the first glass of paint, and keep mixing, it won’t harden. This is the texture at this point:

DIY Chalk Paint

And here the texture with the second glass of paint.

DIY Chalk Paint

Now you can fill the container with paint one more time (remember, 3 glasses of paint, 1 Plaster of Paris and 1/2 water) and mix all together. The texture is different now, it’s more runny.

DIY Chalk 5

And that’s all, you can start using your chalk paint. I recommend you to clean the mixer quickly because if it dries you will sweat to get it clean (don’t ask me how I know that…)

DIY Chalk 6

With just one coat…

DIY Chalk Paint

Well, you have your own chalk paint and if you haven’t try it yet you can do it now, you will love the result!

DIY Chalk Paint


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    • Pili says:

      Angela, thank you so much for visiting! You can keep the recipe for any moment you may need to paint something.
      Have a wonderful week!

  1. chellie says:

    Brilliant! We just did this recently, and when I say “we” I mean I hired someone to paint my daughters dresser and she made her own chalk paint. It sure isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

    • Pili says:

      Hi Chellie! It’s not hard at all, it’s even fun 🙂 The only things I don’t like to paint are spindles of a chair, they are really time consuming and spray paint is better.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Nikki Frank-Hamilton says:

    I have heard about chalk paint, but I have not used it. The huge plus for me is that you don’t have to sand before using. Have you found that the paint adheres to any surface? Does it chip with use or does it have a strong bond? Could I use this to repaint my kitchen cupboards? They need done again. UG! Not my favorite job! LOL

    • Pili says:

      Yes, Nikki, it adheres to anything! That’s the best thing of it. It creates a hard surface but I like to protect it anyway. Depending on the surface I just use varnish, or polyurethane for extra protection

    • Pili says:

      I really don’t like AS too much, call me odd. I prefer America from DecoArt, and of course the handmade one works wonders!

    • Pili says:

      If you close the can as you would do like with the store bought one it doesn’t dry. It may get a bit thicker after some weeks, but you can add a bit of water and stir and it will be like the first day you made it

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