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Hey friends!

Summer ended in a blink of eyes. Those of you who don’t like the heat are probably jumping and singing in joy but for me, honestly, has been too short.

I can’t complain because we are having quite nice weather; we had some rain weeks ago but we still enjoy days out with the kids, we go to play at the beach or we just hang out outdoors as much as we can.

Evenings are shorter and cooler… forget just sit on a bench without a jacket and that means winter is coming.

It means that within a month we’ll be in 2020, and I took the decision to be more organized next year (I’ve been planning the same the last 12 years without success, by the way) and the first thing I need is something where I can write down all the tasks I have to do. If that ‘thing’ can be pretty even better because then I am more motivated 😉

I’ve seen on the internet some pretty 2020 calendars but as you know I am Spanish and our weeks start on Monday. I’ve tried in the past to use calendars that start on Sunday and I mess all my kids activities… like if I needed extra help to make a mess, I can do that well myself without any extra help (insert ironic face here).

So I decided to design a calendar for me. Then I thought that maybe more people where in my same situation, they might be looking for a free 2020 calendar to download and I thought to share it with them.

After I designed the 4 different calendars (starting on Monday) I thought it wasn’t fair to people who use the English version starting on Sunday. Then I translated the months and moved the days…

Finally after that much thinking and designing I am happy to offer you the free 2020 calendar to download. You can choose which one is your favorite or make a mix of them, as you wish!


Floral calendar

The first one is perfect for flower lovers.

Free 2020 calendar · Via

Each one is thought to go well in that season.

April to June 2020 calendar · Via

They are cheerful and we all love to work surrounded by beautiful things, right?

July to September 2020 calendar · Via

By the end of the year we have more, let’s say ‘cold’ plants.

To download the floral 2020 calendar you can make it from the link or from the image. You can also Pin It so you don’t miss it. At the end of the blog post I will explain in detail how to download them.

Free 2020 calendar · Via


Well, let’s keep with the calendars! 

Herbs calendar 

Another free 2020 calendar I designed is about herbs and spices. It will show the month more suitable if you want to plant the seeds, this one will be perfect for gardeners or if you want to have your own herbs for cooking. 

Most of them can be grow in pots, no need to have a garden.

Why not to plan on the calendar new recipes to try?

I’d love to know if you also like to use herbs and spices when cooking, if so I am sure you will enjoy this one.

Remember you can save it or download the free 2020 calendar. At the end of this blog post you will find more info about the process.

Free 2020 calendar · Via

Let’s go for the third one!

Succulent calendar

This one is all about succulents and I admit I love it! Those vibrant colors make me happy in dark fall and winter months. I told you I could live in summer forever and ever 😉

I have some succulent plants in our little patio because they are the only that don’t die. 

I mean, they don’t die alone, it’s me forgetting to water them, you get the idea.

My daughters and I started to propagate them and it’s so fun to see how from a simple leave little babies begin to grow… 

Watering them a lot or a few also make a difference. We have some in the sunshine with little water and some in the shade with few water and they look really different in color. 

If you like this one you can download this 2020 calendar. If you want to share it you can Pin the image below or save it for later.

Free 2020 calendar · Via

The last one is a very special calendar. It’s a vintage 2020 calendar and I had so much fun designing it. I made unique collages for each month, so each one is unique and you won’t find any of those images on the net.

Vintage calendar

Who doesn’t like a romantic and vintage style? If you do then you will love it.

Mixing flowers with balloons and bikes is a win-win combination.

Some of them have a more masculine look with old cars.

Flowers and birds are a must, love that combo.

As you have seen in the previous calendars, you can download this 2020 calendar for free, and if you want to Pin It or share it you can do it from the link below.

Free 2020 calendar · Via

I really hope these calendars are helpful for you and you can use them on a daily basis. You can print it normal size or if you print two on each page they can be used for a notebook.

I’d love to see how you use them, so if you tag me on social media with #mysweetthings_happy I can see them.

Enjoy the rest of this year!

Free 2020 calendar · Via

If you like free printables then you will love this paper pennant banner garland. The best thing about it there is no fabric no sewing involved and it’s the perfect addition as home decor. 

Banderola decorativa descarga gratis

Thank you so much for stopping by, here you have all the steps for downloading the calendars.


  1. Click on this link to subscribe. Just write your name, e-mail address and preferred language.
  2. Then you’ll receive a first e-mail where you need to confirm you want to subscribe. Click on Confirm.
  3. Immediately you will receive a second e-mail with all the links to download the calendars.

You can leave me a comment if you have any doubt.



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    Hello, I am already a subscriber and would like the Vintage calendar but there is no link , only for new subscribers , so how do I get them. Thank you

  2. Lorena says:

    Buenas noches desde México

    ¡Muchas gracias por el arte que haces!

    Son muy bellos y agradables a la vista.

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      Buenas tardes desde España, Lorena.

      Gracias a ti por dejarme un mensaje, me hace feliz saber que os gustan

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