Coffee Table DIY: Tips and Tricks

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We are about to end 2019 and we are busy arranging everything for family visiting this Christmas. At least the house is way better than last year with all the improvements we’ve done so far, but we still need to tackle the living room and transform it into a pleasant place to be.

For example, having a coffee table in the living room is more important than one would think. Not only does it provide the space for your food or drinks while you’re socializing but it also serves as a centerpiece of the whole room. You can also have some subtle decorations on your coffee table, such as a nice book or a plant, which will make it even more welcoming and stylish.

However, this does not mean that you have to splurge on a brand new coffee table. There are various ways to create a DIY one by just thinking a bit more creatively. You do not have to be an experienced builder – some basic tools, super glue and maybe some paint or varnish will do the job! Here are some unique ideas on DIY coffee tables: 

Coffee Table DIY Ideas

Tree stump

Tree stumps are easily accessible for anyone who has some trees or has access to buying them, which will make this idea quite budget-friendly. Now, how you want to use a tree stump is up to you – you can either leave it as natural as possible or add things to it.

Using a natural tree stump as a coffee table can look really cosy and rustic in a living room and it does not require a lot of work besides some good sanding. Ideally, you would keep the stump as wide as possible to have more space. If you prefer it to be more modern, you can always add a glass top to it, making it a lot wider. 

How to make a tree stump coffee table

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This may sound a bit bizarre at first, but bear with me.  Using a door as a coffee table may be a perfect way to not only get rid of an old door, but also have an original table on a budget. If you treat an old wooden door as any other piece of wood, you will see how easy it is to make it into a coffee table DIY.

A door may require some sanding and painting to give it a new fresh look. You can attach it to something (for example, a box) or add some stylish legs of your choice. The unique thing about such coffee table is that you can have it very big and it will can some unique imprints, or you can cut it down to a more preferable size. 

Old door coffee table

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Wooden pallets are one of the most commonly used materials for a coffee table. This is simply due to it being already in a shape and thickness that is perfect for a table. The best part about it is that you do not need to do a lot of work at all – giving it a few coats of paint and a nice varnish will be more than enough.

You can also get quite creative though. You can have some spaces in between the surface or make it all even, you can leave it thin or make it double and have some space for items under the table. It is really up to you and the options are endless. 

Pallet coffee table

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Wine barrel 

Wine barrel can make a really unique coffee table if done right. This will require some more expenses and work, but the results will be worth it. The best way to do it is by having a big barrel on it’s side and adding a table top to it – this way you can get it wider and more suitable for a coffee table. However, you may think of a different way to use barrels – for instance, using a lot of small ones to make a table or one big one on its own.

Wine barrel coffee table

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I hope these cool coffee table DIY inspire you too to make your own.

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