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Yes, it’s been a month since my last Thrift Store Challenge post!! If you remember, I’ve paired up with 20 other talented ladies to bring you a monthly Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge. Each month we will create a new home decor piece from an item(s) we’ve found at a thrift store, yard sale, resale shop etc. There is no budget or specific theme so we are free to let our creativity run wild! Last month I showed you my pretty side table and the previous one my chalkboard makeover.

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Warning: this may be the shortest post ever. You know I like cheap, easy and quick projects so much, and this one meets all those premises… also because I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of all the process, but it’s so easy anyone can do it with the directions only.

I was driving, as it is usual with two little girls who like to do lots of differents activities (I think I spend half of my life sitting in the car) when I saw a little cabinet curbside. Yay! The girls encouraged me to take it, as well as some more junk there was there. They said: mom, you can make a play kitchen for us!! Ok, your wish is my command.

We took it home, cleaned it and I filled all the holes with wood filler. Then I slightly painted the inside because I planned to decoupage it. At this point, I realized I hadn’t taken any picture of it before start working on it but ok, you get the idea.

Cabinet found curbside before being transformed into a play kitchen with paint, decoupage and wheels | My Sweet Things

When the wood filler was dry, I sanded it to make it smooth and painted it in pink as I was requested. I used my homemade chalk paint and added some red to get the color they liked.

I also decoupaged some gift wrapping paper into the inner sides and some red napkins to the little shelf. I used white glue and water in a 50-50 ratio for the decoupage mix and protected the whole play kitchen with two coats of matte varnish.

Cabinet found curbside was transformed into a play kitchen with paint, decoupage and wheels | My Sweet Things

The last thing was adding some wheels to make it moveable because they like to “cook” in the living room while we are there. They loved the play kitchen a lot, and we were happy seeing them playing together.

The before and after of a cabinet found curbside which was transformed into a play kitchen with paint, decoupage and wheels | My Sweet Things


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    • Pili says:

      Many thanks, Mary!! From some years’ experience, I know everything for them must have wheels so they can bring it back and forth!

  1. Katrin says:

    How do you always find stuff Pili, I can’t get over that. I drive around for hours and don’t see one thing…lol. I love this little project, it’s perfect and I can picture your two little ladies having tons of fun with it! A great idea!

    • Pili says:

      I don’t know, Katrin. I have some friends that ask me the same question and my reply is the same. In fact, I find much more stuff but it doesn’t fit in my car! I think my next investment will be a van lol. And yes, the girls had tons of fun with their new kitchen.

  2. Keri says:

    Pili, how great that you were able to rescue this piece from the side of the road. It looks wonderful as a play kitchen! What a sweet gift for your daughter’s. I bet they have so much fun playing with this.

    • Pili says:

      My daughters were so excited about the find. Then when it was done they played for hours, and the oldest used it as her desk sometimes too. Multi-purpose is what I call it!

  3. Debrashoppeno5 says:

    This kitchen is so adorable. I bet the girls have hours of fun playing with this. I had to laugh when you said the girls told you to pull over and grab it. They are mini thrifters.

    • Pili says:

      Hi, Debra! I think they share my motto “grab & run”, lol. They both have a big imagination so I wasn’t surprised when they asked me to grab it and make a play kitchen; they’ve had hours and hours of playing with it.

    • Pili says:

      I love finding free stuff! I’m glad most of the time the girls are with me and they encourage me to grab it.

    • Pili says:

      They loved having a play kitchen and loved being able to decide how they wanted it. Of course, I loved they liked it so much!

  4. Michelle says:

    10/10 for the girls for encouraging you, this looks stunning!! Can’t wait to see what you and the girls come up with for the other “junk” you found.

    • Pili says:

      Obviously, they are not as shy as me and don’t care about what others can think about taking junk. I learn so much from them!

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