DIY Learning Clock For Kids

Hi, my sweet friends! We only have digital clocks at home so a clock with hands is a bit confusing for the girls, and telling the time in Spanish is different from telling the time in Catalan and that means more confusion for them.

So I found several ideas on the web for practicing; some of them used plastic plates, but they didn’t seem very resistant; others were made of paper plates so I didn’t even consider them, I just waited for the right inspiration to come. And it came. Without looking for it, as usual. I woke up one day and drove to the charity shop where I usually donate clothes we don’t use anymore, and before I liave I like to have a look in case there’s something I can use, and I saw it.


It didn’t matter it wasn’t working because I just wanted it to move the hands all way around. As soon as I got home we started to work on it. I love doing things with the girls because it allows me to interact with them and learn.

We divided it into four parts so we talked about circumferences, radio, diameter… Then we used some painter’s tape to help them paint it “cute” with the color they chose. We painted the opposite and let dry both of them.


Once the paint was completely dry, we took the tape off and repeated the process for the other two sides.

I had found and saved a design I liked a lot, I printed it on four sheets of paper and taped them together. I rubbed some chalk at the rear, put the center of the sheets on the center of the clock, and number 12 just above yellow and red. Some more tape to prevent the sheets from moving and with a pencil I started to trace the numbers, circles, everything. When I was done I lift the sheets and started to draw over the chalk writing with a black marker. We finished it with one coat of varnish, and the girls are happy with their learning clock.

Learning Clock 2



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    • Pili says:

      Yes Mary, they are so excited with it! They have it in their room and from time to time I see them asking the time to each other

  1. Keri says:

    Pili, what a great idea to turn this clock into a learning tool!! My girls are getting interested in learning how the clock works and I’m thinking I need to make something like this, thanks for the inspiration!!

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