DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap For Kids

Hi, friends!

Welcome to another month of Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge!! Asking yourself what is this about? A group of bloggers around the world teamed together to share our crafts, traditions and how’s life in different parts of the planet. Last month we decided to make something with wood and the previous one we took a huge challenge and did a post on how to styling flat lay photographs and boy, you may have no idea what it is about but it was a fun one.

This month we thought it would be great to share something related to Christmas because it is around the corner, so here we come!



I like to prepare Christmas gifts in advance for several reasons, one is that I can save some money buying them with plenty of time ahead. I normally have a clear idea of what I want to buy so there’s no point in waiting to pay more for the same thing.

The second reason is that if I am making it instead of buying it, I also have plenty of time to work on it without the rush. I just try to make my life easier.

And having a gift means wrapping it, of course. My daughters love to help me, and now they know about the real Santa they are unstoppable.

I had this gift ready to wrap so I called them in case they wanted to help… guess the answer.

We started with a white paper, it was perfect because it seemed like a white canvas waiting for some art on it.

DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kids · Via


We had an idea and the washi tape came to the rescue. In this post you can see how we made our washi tape holder 

DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kids · Via


We chose pink and glitter, I am so happy my two partners in crime share my taste for these kinds of things!

DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kids · Via


We cut strips of washi tape to mimic the shape of a Christmas tree. How easy is that? Now you understand why I called this post  a DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap 😉

DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kids · Via


Then we used our hearts border punch to create a label.

DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kids · Via


A cute button was the top of the tree, isn’t it beautiful?

DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kids · Via


We are proud of our first Christmas gift of 2017! It is also so easy to make

DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kids · Via


We used the heart as a hole for the yarn


The button was from my mother in law, it has a beautiful color.


The girls even made a postcard for a friend with the same style, that could be another idea.


I hope you like our Christmas gift wrap and as always, I’d love to see how you wrap things.

DIY Easy Christmas Gift Wrap for Kids · Via

Don’t forget what my friends have to share, they always come up with the most creative ideas.


Please don’t forget to stop by their blogs to see what they’ve done this month.


Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Awwwwww I love your partner’s in crime Pili. They’re just like their mom, full of great ideas and so clever. How cute is that. A washi tape Christmas tree with that special Pili & Co touch

  2. Mary says:

    Pili it is so sweet that your girls help you with the gift wrapping! This was is so pretty I would not want to open it. Or maybe I could save it and transfer it into a pretty frame and put it on the wall. It certainly stands on it’s own as Christmas decor. .

  3. Katrin says:

    Aw I bet they had fun, and they did such a great job helping you Pili! I love the easy washi tape idea, perfect when you have a lot of presents to wrap and still made with love!

  4. JaneEllen says:

    Pili, your washi tape tree with button for top is so perfect and quick. Such a pretty way to decorate a pkg. Lucky person who receives it. Smart and pretty way to make tag .Fun to have creative helpers.
    Have wonderful week

  5. Marie says:

    Such a pretty wrapped gift, Pili! I always wrap gifts in white or brown kraft paper and love your idea of using washi tape to decorate the paper. Can see using holiday washi tape for the adult versions as well. Pinned to share 🙂

  6. Keri says:

    Pili, what a clever way to wrap a gift and decorate it. I love the washi tape Christmas tree and so sweet that your girls helped. Making a postcard with the same design is a great idea. I’m sure their friend will love it.

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