Guide to London – How to Have a Great Weekend in London

Hey friends!!

Happy New Year!! I know it is already half January but as you may have noticed I’ve been MIA these last weeks. 2018 has been a tough year and I needed a kind of break but I didn’t want to miss our Int’l Blogger Challenge!

Don’t you remember what is it about?


A group of ladies around the world meet up to show you each month what we do with a common “theme”. We skipped December because of Christmas but you can see what we did in November related to “Christmas

As February is around the corner and we all know Valentine’s Day is a special one, we decided this month’s theme would be “LOVE IS IN THE AIR”

This time I don’t bring you any craft or project because we’ve been travelling through Europe for two weeks, then we came back to Mallorca because I had some orders I needed to finish, went to Barcelona to visit my mom for a few days and we are planning to leave again so sorry no time to DIY.

I don’t know if you like to travel but I love it. Like a lot.

There’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit and it’s the United Kingdom. I know the main airports because of connecting flights but that doesn’t count. We even have some close friends there who offer to host us but for any reason we haven’t been able to make it yet.

Good news is Valentine’s Day is coming and that would be a very special gift, a love gift! So here I am reading and planning to make it happen and I thought these tips I found could be useful for you in case you decide to visit London anytime.

Guide to London -on a weekend-

Guide to London · Via


You could never see and do everything that London has to hold in a single weekend but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a great time. The only thing you need to remember when creating an itinerary is not to try to cram everything in. The best parts of life are things we can savor and enjoy, so give yourself more time to really experience your weekend in London.

Spend an afternoon in a museum, or take a few hours to go through a market. You don’t need to rush through it all, but you do need to choose what you want to do carefully. There is something for everyone in London. You just need to follow this guide to pick out what is best for you:


Top Things to Do

When it comes to really enjoying a destination, you should prioritize what you can do, more than what you can buy. Some of the best experiences you absolutely must make time for include:


Visit London’s Best Markets

London has so many great markets to choose from. From vintage markets to food markets, to art markets, and beyond. Go to the infamous flower market on Sunday, or pop by Borough Market any time to get a great lunch for a good price.

Guide to London · Sunday Flower Market London · Via


Go to a Museum (or Many)

Museums in London are mostly free to go to and can be great to be taken advantage of. See history from around the world, high-class art, modern art, textiles, sculptures, and beyond. All you need to do is pick which museums you want to go to, with The Natural History Museum being a firm favorite.

Guide to London · Natural History Museum London · The Natural History Museum


Lounge in a World-Class Park

Hyde Park, Green Park, Richmond Park – there are so many great ones to choose from that are picturesque and perfectly lovely. Go to Hyde Park and enjoy the Italian Gardens, Richmond Park for the domesticated deer and Isabella’s Plantation, or Regent’s Park and see the London Zoo.

Hyde Park London · Hyde Park


Enjoy Music and Culture

London has a really rich history of theater, and it would be a huge mistake to visit without seeing a show. There are musicals for kids, gritty plays, hilarious comedies, and so much more. Just look online today to see what is on during your visit, and book.


Go Shopping

Shop the high street, shop the markets – try to stick to unique stores you don’t have at home to really have a good time.

Guide to London · High Street London shopping · Via


Top Places to Eat & Drink

Of course, you do need to refuel throughout the day to get through all those great activities, and some of the best places to eat and drink in London include:


Borough Market

Borough Market is a great place to get a bite to eat, but nearly every market out there will have food stalls to sink your teeth into, so you might be overwhelmed with too much choice.

Guide to London · Borough Market London · Via


At An Infamous Department Store

Harrods’ food court is beautiful and incredibly delicious. It is not cheap, however, but it is far more affordable than many other wares they have inside.

Guide to London · Harrods' Food Court · Via


At a Speakeasy

London’s drinking scene is diverse and so much fun, but one of the best ways to enjoy a weekend is to go to one of their speakeasies. Find a hidden bar behind a Coco-Cola fridge or head to the back of a restaurant – there are quite a few, but you will need to search for them in advance to find out where they are and how to get in.

Guide to London · Speakeasies London · Via


I can see this is an amazing city with so much to do! If you know more interesting things to do (especially for kids) I would love to know too.

Now don’t forget to visit my friends and discover how they will be celebrating the love this month by clicking on the images below.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    Oh I love London Pili. It’s one of my fav cities to visit, there’s just so much to do. I remember the first time I went there for business and even as a woman on my own, I was spoilt for choices on what to do. I managed to get a ticket to watch Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theater and was completely blown away. Sarah Brightman is just WOW. How I wish we lived closer to pop over to London for a weekend getaway. Enjoy your travels Pili, I’ve missed your blog posts

  2. Mary says:

    Pili your Valentine’s Day is going to be the best. I can only imagine all the fun you’ll have there. London has been a lifetime dream destination for me too but all I’ve ever visited is the airport. Make sure you make another post so we can see your trip.

  3. Marie Blackburn says:

    I’ve been to London…ahem…saw it from the sky while landing at Heathrow for a connecting flight. London is on my bucket list and so I’ve pinned this post to check back on when that dream becomes a reality. Have fun on your travels, Pili!

  4. Mary says:

    Pili I have London on my bucket list and have wanted to go since forever. You have really given me lots of fun ideas here. I hope you have a great time and we want to see photos.

  5. Julie says:

    We did a great walk that takes in all the major sights, which the kids enjoyed when they were in the 10 – teenage age group. Taking photos in front of famous things was a hit. Start with the London eye, cross westminster bridge to Big Ben/houses of parliament & westminster abbey (don’t forget to find Millicent Fawcett – the first statue of a woman at parliament square) . walk across St James park to Buckingham palace then up the mall to Trafalgar square, walk across to St Pauls (if you meader a bit you’ll go through the west end and see all the theatres) , then cross the river at Millennium bridge, go past the Globe theatre and the Golden Hinde, cross back over the river on London bridge where you get great views of Tower Bridge. If you have time/energy you can then walk along the river to the Tower of London. That should take most of one day! For a market I’d recommend Camden market, it’s just very cool round there, but that’s further out so you’ll need to get a tube.
    If you have Harry Potter fans then Kings Cross is a must even though it’s not much like the films. Thye have a trolley in the wall you can queue to take a photo with.
    Have a fab time

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