How To Have A Camping-Themed Birthday Party

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Finally, it seems summer has come to stay, yay!! I’ve missed warm days so much for so many reasons. Paint dries faster, I don’t need to be wrapped in many layers of clothing, and the most important, I don’t feel lazy to get out of bed. Yes, I am that kind of girl. What can I do if I hate cold weather?

Also, one of my worries has faded away. It turns out that my oldest daughter thought she would love to have a camping-themed birthday party and a party like like with rain or cold weather is a no-no for me, sorry.

Now we can start planning ahead what she wants, I even have a Pinterest board full of party ideas.

How To Have A Camping-Themed Birthday Party

If your son or daughter loves to camp out, it makes sense that they would want a camping-themed birthday party. However, that doesn’t mean they can take a group of their friends out into the wilderness; their friends’ parents are probably going to say no, and even if they did agree, that would leave you with the responsibility of looking after them. It’s just a bit too much. So why not have a camping-themed party at home? Here are some great ideas for you to start with.

S’Mores Cupcakes

The food at a party is one of the most important elements, just as the food is when you are camping. Something that most people adore are s’mores. Made from marshmallows, crackers, chocolate and perhaps peanut butter, these are cooked over a campfire and then enjoyed thoroughly. For your camping themed party, why not skip the difficult part and head straight to the tasty one by making s mores cupcakes? They’re easy to make but they taste delightful and the kids will love them.

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Pin The Tail On The Bear

Kids love party games, and even older ones will want to join in (they might pretend they’d rather not, but they’ll be willing to try if you ask them). One great game to play at a camping party is a variation of pin the tail on the donkey. Switch a donkey for a bear, and the camping idea is complete. The child who – blindfolded and spun around – can pin the tail closest to the right spot on the picture of the bear gets to win.


Trail Mix Bar

Trail mix is something that all good camping experts know about; it’s a combination of granola, nuts, dried fruits (and sometimes some chocolate) and is used to keep energy up on long hikes. Including a trail mix bar where the children can make their own mixes is a fun idea that will get them eating and thinking. You can exchange nuts and granola for pretzels and cereal if that helps get them more interested. You can make a no bake and healthier version reducing the amount of sugar they have, just follow Camila’s recipe.

How To Have A Camping-Themed Birthday Party  ·  Via  #camping #party


Outdoor Adventure Hunt

If you have plenty of outdoor space, setting up an adventure hunt is a great way to entertain the kids at the party. Make a list of things that they need to find outside (such as something green, something prickly, something you can eat and so on) and see how can collect the items the quickest. You can have the children work in teams or individually – that will depend on how many of them there are.


Indoor Campout

Of course, the element that has to be included in all camping parties is the campout itself. You don’t want a bunch of little kids sleeping outside on their own, though, and you probably would rather not have to camp out with them. Therefore, have the tents inside. They can be just sheets thrown over dining chairs with sleeping bags underneath if you need them to be. Keep the room closed until it’s time for bed and all the games are done, then surprise everyone by showing them the campsite.


Real Outdoor Camping

If you feel brave enough or you have other parents joining the camping party, you can go for a real outdoor camping experience. Of course you will have to take into account many other aspects, but here there is a great list that can help you to plan everything.

How To Have A Camping-Themed Birthday Party  ·  Via  #camping #party


I hope these tips are useful for you too. Do you have any other tips for a camping-themed birthday party?

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    Love the idea of camping out under the dining room table. That sounds like loads of fun and something my sister and I did a lot when we were smaller. Now if only my Mom made us some of those S’Mores Cupcakes, life would have been complete 😉

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