Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display

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Here I am again, enjoying what can be the last warm days of summer and trying to keep up with my never ending to-do list. Today I take a break and want to share with you one another post of this super cool Pinterest Challenge! There are so many amazing things there to try. You may remember from other months my staircase makeovera farmhouse sideboard, how to paint fabric and many other things.

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One evening my hubby, daughters and me decided to go out and have a walk and enjoy the sunset from a lovely place in our town. 

We decided to stay longer because it was nice to have some breeze and nobody was waiting for us at home, so we took our time. When it was time to be back we decided to change our route and walked through another street that let to our house.

It was Tuesday, the day people leave unwanted things outside the houses for the cleaning squads to pick up to recycle. Just before we arrived to the corner we saw a pile of junk and there we went to check if there was something worthy to take with us.

And no, we were not born like that, it’s been easy with my daughters but it took me a while to get my hubby use to that. Do you know the saying that if you can’t overcome your enemy you better join him? I think he arrived to that conclusion 😉

Anyways, there we went to check that pile of stuff and there was something that caught our attention. It was a table top, destroyed but with a structure below that could be repurposed. Here’s a picture of it with daylight.

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net

The important thing was this frame, you can see how cool it is after I peeled out the veneer because I had an idea inspired by this pin.

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net

One side was quite good but the other was full of woodworm holes and I decided to sand roughly the good one.
Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net

I dry brushed it just to give it a (even more) worn look. This didn’t take more than half an hour to do.

I love when projects go as smooth as I planned, because it doesn’t happen most of the time!

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net

Then I took my roll of chicken wire and turned the wood upside down.

Upcycled table top with chicken wire · Via www.sweethings.net

As you can see the roll wasn’t wide enough and I had to work on sections.

First, I started stapling from one side and worked all the way to the end. Then I cut the excess and made sure not to leave any rough edges.

I did the same with the remaing part until all the back was covered with chicken wire.

Upcycled table top with chicken wire · Via www.sweethings.net

Hubby helped me to hang it because this beauty is heavy!

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net

I also added a downloadable paper banner garland I designed and love how it looks there.

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net

My two little girls when they were little… time flies.

That heart was a trial, my sewing machine loves me as much as I do. Ha! Good thing the wooden wall display takes all the attention.

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net

I was thinking of moving it to the guest room because my mom was coming and this way I could hang some pictures of her and us there.

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net

Do you think anyone would guess it was a table top before? I don’t think so but I am happy we decided to go on a walk that day.

Upcycled Table Into Wooden Wall Display · Via www.sweethings.net 

I hope you like my upcycled table into wooden wall display as much as I do

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    Wow Pili, such an unusual find. I think I would have left that one on the curbside if I’d walked past. Who would have thought that the frame inside would be so lovely and unique and I love what you did with it. Such gorgeous way to display momentoes. Enjoy your Mom’s visit, I’m sure she’s going to want to take the wall display home with her 😉

  2. Mary says:

    Pili who would have expected such a beautiful treasure to be hiding under the table. And you turned it into something that commands the room and makes such a statement. I love the wood texture and how it is not only pretty but also practical as shelves.

  3. Marie says:

    Wow, I’ll never look at an old beat up tabletop the same way again! Kudos to you for treasure hunting in that pile of rubble because it sure paid off. If only the former owner could see their tabletop now. LOL

  4. Leanna says:

    This looks great. So many purchased pieces of artwork just aren’t large enough. This DIY upgraded table is a beautiful statement piece. Great eye and idea.

  5. Gail says:

    You found a real winner to pick-up off the street, Pili! What a lovely transformation into something totally different! You have a great insight in making awesome things out of discarded items!

  6. Marci says:

    What your neighbor saw as junk, you saw as inspiration! I love how you are using it! ‘Very clever! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. Kathy A says:

    Jealous of your lucky find. I seldom find any treasures like yours. Awesome project. I hope you did put it over the guest room bed; it looks like the perfect place for the size. So easy to switch things out, too!

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