Farmhouse Style Side Table {The Power of Paint}

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It’s time to bring you another Pinterest Challenge post as each third Tuesday of the month. In this challenge we are inspired by something we’ve seen on Pinterest and then we make our own version.

Maybe you remember my last post on how to paint a headboard with paint, it was a fun one!

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Today I want to share with you a simple makeover.

We all know by now (at least I guess so) that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate our home, or to blow our budget buying expensive furniture, and we don’t even need to have special skills to make beautiful things for the house.

I love transforming furniture, it’s the thing I love most.

Of course I enjoy a good challenge like this vintage bedroom set or this romantic bench out of a headboard and two chairs, but the power of paint is fascinating and you don’t really need superpowers or a super creative mind to change a piece of furniture of your own.

Let’s talk about this one. Not too fancy, right? A friend was getting rid of old furniture and she thought of me… I love when that happens!

Shabby Chic Style Side Table Farmhouse Style · The Power of Paint · Via

Sometimes simplicity is the key.

With all those details you can think, ‘oh, I could do some decoupage there on the raised parts’. Well, it’s an option, you can read this post if you need help on how to decoupage furniture.

Or you can say, ‘oh, the top is so smooth I could do a transfer on it’. Again, if you want to know how to make a transfer on wood then follow that link.

But you don’t need to use all those techniques every time you want to update some furniture. Paint itself will make a huge difference.

Also you will need few materials which means little money. I will list all the materials I used in case you want to try your own. You’ll find some affiliate links for your convenience and you can read full disclosure here..

How to get a farmhouse style side table

The best thing about painting stuff is that you can make your own paint.

Well, by paint I mean DIY Chalky Paint. I have used my homemade chalk paint in most of my projects. The good thing about it is that you can make any color you like, the sky is the limit.

Also you don’t need to get crazy sanding the piece because this paint sticks to anything. Just make sure you clean the surface and you are ready to go. On a side note I’ll add that I like to sand the piece a little bit. It helps the paint to stick better.

This was the first coat. Don’t worry too much about how it looks right now, it will get better with another coat.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Via

This is how it looked with a second coat. The wood was so dark that it required a third coat, sanding slightly with a sponge sander between coats.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Via

After the third layer of paint I let it dry and took my Ryobi electrical sander to distress the edges.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Via

I told myself ‘be wild, baby’ and did a heavy distress on it.

You can distress by hand but it’s much harder. This machine is a life saver, it’s light-weighted but it does the job, I use it every day for lots of different projects.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Distressed furniture · Via

It’s like placing the sander on it and let it do the work, it will sand the spots where it’s more likely the paint to chip by the action of time and use.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Distressed furniture · Via

You can add some varnish or clear wax to protect it, but I loved the feel of it as it was so I skipped that step.

This is what I call a farmhouse style side table on the cheap.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Distressed furniture · Via

I liked the contrast of the dark wood on top with the distressed body, kind of a farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Distressed furniture · Via

It only took me one morning to do it. Isn’t that cool? Just a few hours and you can have a totally different piece of furniture.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Distressed furniture · Via

Distressing a piece of furniture make all the details pop. I am in love with this farmhouse style side table.

Farmhouse Style Side Table · Painting with DIY chalk paint · Distressed furniture · Via

If you liked it remember to share it it others. Sharing is caring!

How to get a farmhouse look · Farmhouse style side table · Via


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  1. Mother of 3 says:

    That is a really lovely showpiece now! I love the added distressing; it really gives it life. Pinned.

  2. Kristie says:

    I love the way you distressed the table with a sander. You’re right- it will naturally hit the areas that would most likely be worn with time. Great job!

  3. Habiba says:

    I am using homemade chalk paint, too, and I am loving it for the same reasons as you. Cheap and you can whip up any colour you like. Your heavy distressing looks amazing! I really need to invest in a good and lightweight sander…I’m still doing mostly all my sanding by hand…phew. Pinning!

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