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Hey, friends!!

Here I am again, trying to find some time between everything I am working at to share an idea with you. It is not mine nor new, but perhaps it can help you to earn extra money or to find your new house and make it a home.

I do not know if you remember that I told you recently that my sister in law asked me to help decorate an apartment that would be allocated to rent. It is very small but that does not mean it has no solution, the furniture must be adapted to the space available. Before the summer I decorated another one on the same builing and on the same floor, they are symmetrical so this second one will be easier.

Both apartments were empty and they belonged to two family members who bought them for rent and earn some extra money. Nowadays there are several options to acquire an apartment as an investment or to keep it as our home such as real estate agents, online websites, advertisements, etc … and if you find a good deal and you’re a little handyman with very little money it can be decorated and ready to rent if you seek for a profitable investment.

The first aparment still lacks a few details, but I will share some pictures to give you an idea that few things are more than enough to create a visual impact and feel that the apartment can be our home.


Decorating homes - Chevron Wall Art - Via

With a piece of wood and some paint I did that wall art as a focal point in the living room. It is the first thing you see when opening the front door.

Another piece of wood with some prints above the sofa, and the cheap curtain panels were stenciled with similar colors to the colorful wood slat table.

Decorating homes - Wall Art in living room - Via www.sweethings.netThe apartment at dawn, and a sneak peek of my first built-ins using some Ikea Rast

Decorating homes - Stenciled curtains - Via

I promise I will share the tutorial with you, stay tuned!

Decorating homes - Built-ins with Ikea Rast - Via

With some wood left over from another project I made a box to hide the ring and meters, and it can also be used as a key holder. I used the DIY chalk paint recipe to paint it, as well as the picture frame.

Decorating homes - DIY box to hide ring and meters - Via

An upholstered headboard, some pillows and pictures for another room.

Decorating homes - Bedroom - Via

This apartment will be rented by rooms, so each room has its own name.

Decorating homes - Room name - Via

Another bedroom, I will share with you how to make an upholstered headboard in a budget. Maybe the pretty side table sounds familiar to you 😉

Decorating homes - Bedroom - Via

The sideboard and the mirror were already in the apartment, but they looked dull and old fashioned so they were asking for a makeover. You can’t imagine how they looked before! And yes, the mirror reflcts the built-ins still in process. I also shared the tutorial for the wall hanger.

Decorating homes - Modern sideboard with coordinated mirror - Via

As you can see, any apartment or house can turn into a home, you just need to find yours. Enjoy the process!!



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  1. ana@carpe_diem says:

    you did a great job! we also rent rooms, so during all these years I have learnt the importance of details – they make the first impression which is crucial to the bussiness. have a great day!

  2. Mary-the boondocks blog says:

    Pili, you are so talented. The apartment looks great with all of your personal touches. And of course, you are so good with those power tools. I cannot wait to see your tutorials on all these pieces you have created.

  3. Michelle says:

    It’s already starting to look like someone can live there Pili and your unique decorating touches have added so much warmth and character to the rooms. I’m really looking forward to all the tips you’ll be sharing. Our holiday home is tiny so I can do with some advice.

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