4 Different Uses For Home Mirrors

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I am working non-stop inside and outside the house these days and despite I can’t show you any real progress of the new house yet, my mind is spinning with ideas for it. We are still unpacking (clothes mostly, and I wonder why I have so many because I really love to hang around with my pajamas…) and storing the stuff I plan to upcycle so I can find it easily when I have a new idea.

I have 2 old fashioned plastic mirrors which are in the spotlight right now. As we all know, mirrors are a necessary item in every home. As such, we need to pay extra attention to them. Have in mind that their main purpose has somewhat changed over the course of time. They were always a product that helps us put makeup or check our clothes. However, as of late, they can also be used for decorative purposes.

This sudden change happened for several reasons. First of all, there are much more manufacturers and thus, new and exciting models are appearing each and every day. Mirrors have become an artistic expression of a sort. Homeowners have recognized this trend and are slowly getting into it.

But there is another reason why mirrors are so popular lately. They are a perfect fit for modern, minimalistic and rustic interiors, let’s check some popular mirror types and how you can use them for your home.

  1. Hollywood Style Mirror

One of the most distinguished types of mirrors, Hollywood style mirrors were wildly popular during the 50s and 60s. Since then, they lost a lot of their momentum but have experienced a resurgence as of late. There are numerous reasons why you should own one such item. First of all, Hollywood mirror is one of the best professional makeup mirrors on the market, according to the professionals at hollywoodmirrors.co.uk. Whether you are an actor or appearing on TV, this mirror is a must. It is also important for women who are doing a job with general public as it gives them that little boost in the morning. Due to its big size, this mirror is best suited in bedrooms. It allows you to sit back and relax as you prepare yourself in the morning.

4 different uses for mirrors · Hollywood style mirror · Via www.sweethings.net

In case you are a DIYer and want to try your skills My Cherry Style shared a detailed tutorial on how to make your own, plus she is so funny!

  1. Standing mirror

This mirror is often seen in clothes stores. It is a full-sized mirror that you can move around. This is precisely why it is popular as you can place it almost anywhere. Standing mirrors are especially great for families that have just moved into a new home and are not certain where they will place their things and how they will decorate the apartment. However, there is also another advantage to having it. If you have a lot of paintings in your home, a full-sized mirror hanging from your wall can be really disruptive. It is hard to fit it with paintings. Because of that, it can totally ruin your décor. So, instead of putting a mirror on the wall, put one such mirror in your bedroom and move it when and if necessary.

4 different uses for mirrors · Standing mirror · Via www.sweethings.net

Via The Wood Grain Cottage

  1. Cupboard mirror

Most US families have cupboard mirrors. It is a two-in-one item that can fit almost any home. It is perhaps the most practical type of mirror on the market: you are able to have both mirror and cupboard occupying the same space. With that being said, you should definitely consider getting one. Perhaps it is not the most fashionable item but it will definitely do the trick.

4 different uses for mirrors · Storage mirror · Via www.sweethings.net

Via Shanty2chic

  1. Folding mirrors

Whether you wish to put on in your bedroom or bathroom, a folding mirror is a great fit for almost anyone. There are two main reasons why a person should get one of these. First of all, a folding mirror allows you to see different angles of your face making makeup process that much easier. On top of that, folding mirror saves space. It is an alternative between cupboard mirror (that has limited functionality) and big Hollywood mirror (that is great for putting makeup). With a folding mirror you get a little bit of both.

4 different uses for mirrors · Tri-folded mirror · Via www.sweethings.net

Via Web

 4 different uses for mirrors · Via www.sweethings.net

What is your favorite type of mirror? Are you planning on getting a new one or do you have already too many?

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    These are all very pretty even if they do serve a different function. I think I would like one that is big but also has storage. Maybe the third one!

  2. Michelle says:

    I like them all Pili, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the one that doubles up as storage. We need all the storage space we can get 😉

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