Some Epic Projects and Some Epic Fails

Hi, my sweet friends!

Welcome to another month of our Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge! This is one of my favorite posts because as you may know, a group of bloggers around the world are sharing their crafts, traditions and how’s life in different parts of the planet. Last month we talked about Spring Crafts and the previous one was about Valentine’s Day crafts, and today we will share something from the archives, some epic projects and some epic fails.


I haven’t been blogging for too long, about two years, but I have been involved with DIY longer than that. Why am I telling you this? Because I have lots of projects that haven’t seen the light and they won’t see it ever. Sometimes because the pictures were taken with an ordinary mobile phone and were awful, and most of the time because I just didn’t take pictures at all.

Between all those projects that won’t ever see the light, there are loooots of fails I promise. I have also projects that appeared here on the blog that failed too, but I keep those up to the end of the post.

I will start with the most epic project I am pride of, it is this headboard bench. I made it completely on my own because my husband was out for work and in fact he never saw it because I sold it before he got back home.

Headboard bench


The second one is this faux card catalog which I love so much. It was a next-to-the-dumpster-find and it waited more than a year for a makeover. My daughters have it now because it is great to store most of their stuff, aka Lego, rainbow loom, the magnet sticks, construction blocks, musical instruments and lots of bits and pieces.

Do you see how beautiful it looks now? Don’t miss how it was when we found it.

Faux card catalog


Another epic project has been this Ikea Lack coffee table hack. There is no easier project than this one and the result is so beautiful! No one would ever guess this was a plain Ikea coffee table.

Ikea Lack coffee table hack


The last one would be this Elizabethan chair which was also abandoned next to a dumpster and it crossed the Mediterranean sea to come home with me. You will find the whole story in the post 😉

I know it may not be for everyone’s taste but I really wanted to do something out of the common with her. I’m really pleased how it turned out especially when I remember how it looked when I found it.

Elizabethan chair makeover

I could go on and on with the list of projects I really love but I guess I would bore you. If you want to check more you can have a look at the Gallery Project.


Now let’s overcome the shame and I’m going to show you some fails. Just joking, I’m not ashamed at all. It’s not possible not to fail at least once; we can’t do it everything right and at the same time we can’t do it everything wrong. That’s what I tell my daughters every time when they get frustrated with something they’re doing.

The first fail is quite a mild one. I did this heart out of wine corks for last Valentine’s Day and it was great while it lasted.

I mean, we all have moved at least once, right? We all know what a move means, mostly because it involves packing things INSIDE cardboard boxes. And this heart was meant to be displayed on a shelf but not placed in a box with much more stuff. At this point, I am sure you guess what happened. Yes, when it was time to open that box it was full of wine corks scattered everywhere and a cute wooden plaque ready to be used again. Fail!


The second fail I’m going to share is about my grandma’s sewing cabinet which I made over some time ago. It had layers and layers of paint which I removed, a not so good looking mirror which I covered and helped me to have my pins and needles on hand. If you go to the post you will read the whole story and see it finished. The thing is that the paint cracked on the top, only the top… the reason… who knows! At least I don’t know. But one thing is sure, I’m going to work on that little baby again once I find some free time and I will keep you updated on the results.

Old sewing cabinet makeover

What about you? Do you also have epic projects you are proud of? What about the fails, do you want to hide under the blankets too?

Thanks so much for visiting and don’t forget to stop by to see what the other ladies have to share!!


If you click on the pictures below you will get their posts, have fun with them!

Have a wonderful week!



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  1. Mary-the boondocks blog says:

    Pili you know how much I love your epic projects. That Elizabethian chair had me swooning from the first moment I laid eyes on it. And I am so happy for you that you sold the bench. I was also very happy and super impressed that you were able to make that one yourself. I feel bad for the cork hearts but these things happen. As for the cabinet, it is beautiful no matter what you do with it. I really enjoyed going over your epics and am glad we can all have a good chuckle over them and mine too.

  2. Marie|The Interior Frugalista says:

    Pili, I remember that impressive DIY bench and think that was the project that brought me to your blog. I think all of these projects are hits. The cork heart may have broken but the idea was adorable. Maybe the sewing table top is meant to have a crackle finish and rather than fighting it – crackle the rest of the top (just a thought).

  3. Michelle says:

    Pili, that headboard bench is gorgeous, I would never been able to part with it. You’ve done so many amazing things since you started you blog. I’m sorry the heart disintegrated while you were moving, but it’s was a beautiful thought and it just means you can have more wine to make another one 😉

  4. Katrin says:

    All of your DiY’s are always amazing Pili and that bench is such a stunner, no wonder you sold it! The little heart, lol, oh well, I’m sure you can glue it back together quickly cause it is so sweet!

  5. Keri says:

    Pili, I love the bench, and you should be proud of it, it’s spectacular and you did such a great job building it! The chair is so beautiful as well, love the style. Moving can be brutal for our DIY projects huh? Even furniture pieces are more apt to get scuffed and scraped. I’m sorry the wine corks fell apart. That is unusual for the top of the cabinet to peel like that but I’m sure you’ll make it beautiful, with whatever you decide to do with it.

  6. Gail @Purple Hues and Me says:

    I love all of your projects – they are absolutely gorgeous! And I can whole heartedly say that you can’t look at your accomplishments as failures. They looked great when you finished them and you can’t be responsible for what happens later. That’s one of the reasons I never sell my projects. I fear that the item would fall apart somehow causing the buyer to say a few unpleasant words about me and my work. Lol!

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